Zimbabwe- Robert Mugabe Resigns

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After extreme pressure and threats of impeachment, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has resigned. He was removed from office by the military earlier in the week, and remained “detained” at his home.

Zimbabwe Coup- Mugabe Under House Arrest

For the last several days, Mugabe remained defiant, refusing to resign, denying there was a coup. Thirty-seven years after taking power, Mugabe has resigned as the Parliament was moving to impeach. He had already set up his wife, Grace, as the successor to his power, in abrogation of their Constitution. The military’s move blocked her and other factions loyal to Mugabe.

Thirteen days ago, Emmerson Mnangagwa, the former Vice President, was fired by Mugabe and had to flee for his life. He has reportedly been in contact with the military and will return once his personal safety is guaranteed. According to Zimbawe’s Constitution, he will be able to step in to power once he returns to the country.

Celebrations erupted all over Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The country is in deep economic turmoil, and has been under serious human rights violations. But…

From the Frying Pan into the Fire?

Mnangagwa has a nickname: The Crocodile. At 75, he was a part of the same “liberation” movement that put Mugabe in power in 1980. Will he be any better? Or will he be worse?

For the history students among you, Zimbabwe was once called “Rhodesia” and was under white rule. The “liberation” of the country involved murders, and massive violence. Mugabe encouraged white farmers to settle there until 1987 when he changed his mind and told his followers to seize the lands back from them. Since then, with no one to farm the land, the people have largely gone hungry. Hyperinflation has been in place, with a loaf of bread costing millions of dollars of their money. Grocery shelves are empty much of the time.  Can Mnangagwa do better? Only time will tell.

Here is a quick trip through that history:


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