Zimbabwe Coup- Mugabe Under House Arrest

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Harare, Zimbabwe – Though the Zimbabwe army denies their latest actions are a “coup,” they have “secured” Robert Mugabe, 93, under house arrest. Mugabe has been the ‘leader’ of the country since 1987 and was Prime Minister from 1980-1987…with allegations of major human rights violations throughout his term. After their Vice President was fired last week and fled the country, things became unstable. It appears that his rule by “iron fist” has come to an abrupt end.

Several explosions were heard on the streets of Harare, and tanks were seen headed toward the Capital. The army seized the offices of the state owned broadcaster, ZBC, and ordered staff to leave. They blocked roads to the Parliament, Courts, and government offices. Sounds like a coup from our perspective.

The Telegraph UK reported,

Several cabinet ministers, including local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and finance minister Ignatius Chombo, and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwayo, were arrested. There was allegedly a brief gun fight outside Mr Chombo’s house. All three are part of the G40 faction of Zanu-PF which is loyal to Grace Mugabe, who was being lined up to take over from her husband after the vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired last week.

Boris Johnson called for calm in a statement to the House of Commons in which he also criticised Mr Mugabe’s legacy and suggested that a transition may provide a “moment of hope” for Zimbabweans.

Speculation had been mounting on Tuesday that a coup was under way against Mr Mugabe, after the head of the armed forces threatened to “step in” over the sacking of an influential vice president.

The Army insisted in a telveised announcment that they has only “secured” their President against “criminals” who wanted to kill him. The Vice President of the country fled last week.

“It is not a military takeover of government. We are only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice. As soon as we have accomplished our mission we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.” Army spokesman

Mugabe: a Legacy of Tyranny

In October 2017, the World Health Organization attempted to name Mugabe as their “goodwill ambassador.” The action brought an avalanche of condemnation, since Mugabe’s background is one of hatred, division, and human rights violations. Many consider him to be a “ruthless tyrant.” The World Health Organization rescinded their appointment.’

Wikimedia photo of a demonstration against Mugabe in London

He has been a proponent of his own brand of Marxist-Leninist ideology. He believes in the transfer of all white-owned farm lands to blacks, which is a current theme of the South African government and has resulted in murders of white farmers across the country.

He was given honorary knighthood status by Britain in 1994, an honor stripped from him in 2008. He has several honorary degrees from international universities, many of which have been revoked. He appeared to be a highly educated, normal man…but has deep seated ideologies that were filled with power hungry motives.

His goal was to transform Zimbabwe into a one party system. He did that by default for 37 years. We wanted his wife to succeed him as “president” of the country. Hopefully, things will get “back to normal”…but not the way they were when he was in power.


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