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Bobby Miller is a Navy Veteran and retired firefighter. His poem, “Young Eagle” is the culmination of several years of thought. He wants it to be given to every US veteran with their name on it so that they will know that their service mattered.

Bobby served in the US Navy from 1988-1992. After his service he became a firefighter. Rescuing, helping others is part of his heart.

On a West Africa deployment:

“One time, an American woman was in a bad place and needed help. We went in there and rescued her. It was our job to save as many lives as possible.  When we got her out, she looked us in the face and said “Thank God. I don’t know what we’d have done if you hadn’t come.” That was one of the highlights of my time in the Navy.” Bobby Miller

The Navy taught him how to save lives, and he credits the US military with that knowledge.

Bobby went on after his service to join the Carney, Oklahoma Fire department. He served there for over 20 years. He taught Homeland Security classes after 9-11. In all of it, he wanted to write something profound, something that represented his heart for the United States of America.

“There are a million famous speeches, the Gettysburg address, JFK, and others. I wanted something about my own thoughts.” Bobby Miller

So with two “screaming” boys in his home, he used the bathroom as his “safe space” and locked the door behind him at about 8 p.m. He emerged with some written thoughts at 4 a.m. Putting it all together took him about 2 years.

Through revisions and re-writes, he finally took it to his Mom, who burst into tears after reading it. After a friend died who served in Vietnam, he had the man’s name added to Young Eagle and framed it for the family. Once again, tears came. Perfect – it evoked an emotion.

If you are a US veteran and would like to have the poem with your name or the name of a loved one on it, email Bobby at

Young Eagle

From the first cry “The British are coming”, “The British are coming” , to the patriots of Valley Forge, to Commodore John Paul Jones and his ” I have not yet begun to fight”, to Semper Fi and the shores of Tripoli  to the blue, gray blood spilled between the states…….a country torn ,To “Remember the Maine” and Colonel Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders charge up San Juan Hill.
To endless trenches of the Western front, and General Pershing’s dough boy warriors of Flanders fields ….our boys who taught a nation we must fight for freedom, where ever that may lead us……..World War I…..”The war to end all wars”
To December 7th 1941, “A date which will live in infamy”, a rising sun enemy awoke a peaceful nation to war, and to the ” I shall return” of General MacArthur, the push up bloody Omaha beach during D-Day, the fire in General Patton as he moved across Europe, and to the battle worn Marines raising Old Glory at Iwo Jima,……..World War II, Our greatest generation.
To the 38th parallel a thin line of freedom and darkness on a Korean border, a line that stands guarded today. To the brave men who fought against all odds at the Frozen Chosin Reservoir, the “Chosin few” …..

…..Korea the forgotten war.

To the sailors who stood firm off the Cuban shore, as a nation watched, worried, and prayed. On the coldest days of the cold war a young president said “No” not 90 miles away. To the painful jungles of Vietnam, and to our boys who fought so hard and gave so much for so little.
Our country torn apart by war, our fighting men torn apart by our country. Chu Lai, The Ia Drang, Khe Sanh, Tet, Ho Chi Mihn, The Viet Cong and a wall full of names one can feel without ever touching.
To the thunder of the U.S.S. Wisconsin as once again the old battle axe came alive spitting fire and
pounding Iraq relentlessly in the opening days of Desert Storm. And to the tan clad warriors who drove Saddam and his Republican Guard across the sands of Kuwait during the “Mother of all Battles”.
To 09/11/01 a day freedom was attacked and “Freedom will be defended”. To those who seek American justice, in a country that has no justice, you are a nation’s best and your calling is the highest. Our hopes and fears rest with you….
Let us as Free men, Free women, Free AMERICANS, go on bent knee and thank the good Lord above that we as one nation under God can utter the word “FREEDOM”.
Let us never forget those who give up their lives for this great nation. Let us remember those who fight
a war long since over.
Remember those who may never see home again, remember those who are disabled, and remember those who wait at the door for a loved one who will never return.
Let it be known from the crack of flint lock to the deadly shadow of a F-117, when our country called
…………..America we answered.

In Honor of those who served & sacrifice

Bobby J. Miller
COMPHIRON 2 United States Navy



Photo by Tom Michalski of Brennan, Washington. Used by permission.

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