Young Care Giver Forces Lap Dance on 100 Year-Old Elderly Patient

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What is it about the name Sandusky and sex? A 26 year-old female care giver at a nursing home in Sandusky, Ohio, has been fired after forcing a lap dance, and other lewd acts and language, on a 100 year-old elderly man in her care.

The sexual behavior was captured on video by another care worker at The Commons of Providence assisted-living facility, and that person has also been fired over the incident.

Brittany’s freak flag has her in trouble.

Brittany Fultz, the elderly care worker in the video, was arrested and charged with gross sexual imposition – a fourth-degree felony.

lap dance

The video evidence shows Fultz talking suggestively, straddling the elderly dementia patient’s thigh while performing a lap dance, pulling down her pants to show her bare bottom to the man, and generally shaking her moneymaker.

According to local police, the elderly gentleman did not want the future stripper’s advances, and that qualifies as “basically harassment.”

The incident itself, of course, brings up the usual jokes:

If I live to be 100, I hope some young woman gives ME a lap dance!
He should be so lucky! I have to pay $50 for one of those.
If it happened to me, I wouldn’t press charges against her. I might like to press something else against her…
He was probably just upset because he misplaced his glasses and missed the whole show.

But this act was really carried out by a disturbed woman who was using the elderly man to humiliate him for her, and her friend’s, amusement. It’s just another example of the abuse that takes place against some of the most vulnerable among us.

Lap dances and flashing certainly have their place in our society, but can we leave the centenarians out there in peace? The poor man might have had a heart attack. Come on, Brittany!

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