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Abby Palmer is a member of the Young Americans for Freedom Club at Riverview High School in Florida. She and her club members want to honor those lost on 9-11-2001 by placing 2,997 small flags at her high school. But placing those flags costs money. And they are fighting toward Wednesday with a shortfall.

The 9-11 Project

Abby is a Junior at Riverview High School. She reminds everyone that those who are seniors now were born in 2002…which means that they have no concept of the horror of 9-11. Most of us who are older watched in disbelief as planes flew into the buildings, and the subsequent collapse with loss of life. We knew it was an attack. We felt the ripple across the nation.

With a lump in our throats and grief in our hearts, we united to stand together. Within a few weeks, that unity was forgotten. Abby and the Young Americans for Freedom Club want to remind us – “Never Forget” is more than just words.

Kids who weren’t born yet have no idea about that day. Abby wants to show them all what it means to honor the fallen from that fateful moment in 2001. Every flag stands for one person who died.

young americans for freedom
Abby Palmer

Her GoFundMe account reads:

“Young Americans for Freedom Club at Riverview High School wants to raise money for a memorial to honor the lives lost in the terrorist attack on 9/11. Each flag represents one life lost on 9/11, in total, the number of flags needed is 2,997. Our goal is to put the flags in front of the school in a patriotic display. By doing this we hope students can empathize with the magnitude of this tragic event. Thank you for your support! –¬† Abby Palmer, Junior at Riverview¬† High School”

Featured photo shows what the lawn at Riverview High School would look like if all the flags were placed.

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