You Think We’re Silenced? NEVER. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is Back With a New Page

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Facebook hates to have Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children around to remind them that liberalism is a mental disorder. But we’re not “Russian bots,” or even ‘Iranian operatives’: we’re Americans, a tribe, a nation of patriots from every walk of life. They thought they’d silenced our voices with the last ban and takedown of our page. Our haters who continually report us…the “fruit” of their bitterness is that WE ARE BACK. New page, new start is here at UncleSamsChildren.

Both of these notifications are standard Facebook actions after a page is taken down. This is the latest one: all of us received it.

We’ve been wrongly accused of being white supremacists. We’ve been accused of being racist and extremist and promoting hate speech. (I don’t know, is swearing ‘hate speech’? Is poking Democrats because of their socialist agenda “hate speech?”) We’ve been victim of a lot of name calling because of idiots that can’t read properly or think critically. They just want to hate anyone who disagrees with them. It’s an agenda right out of Saul Alinksy’s communist playbook.

We are not into “hating” – we’re into America. We love our nation. Some of us have roots here going back to the Revolutionary War and beyond. Rick Ferran (Tank), is a legal immigrant who has served in the military and helped to preserve this Republic. Many of our followers are immigrants as well- they have taken the United States of America as their own nation- they are part of us! No matter the background, ethnicity, color, gender, religion, or creed, we are all Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. In the Marine Corps, Tank tells me, there is only one color: green. Here, we are all red, white, and blue.

Rick has sounded the warnings since the creation of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children: do not let Socialism have control of this great nation. Unfortunately, we stand at the cusp of disaster in that regard. And part of that disaster is due to censorship by the big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. They want to play God when they are not God. They want to silence the voices of those who love our nation and just happen to disagree with their ways. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is one of the patriotic voices standing in their way: help us continue to be part of that voice!

We will not let them. We are back and ready to rock. Sign up for our newsletter here: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Newsletter Signup so that you can stay informed, and remember to share the new page everywhere you can: UncleSamsChildren.


  • E. F. Hutton

    I’m here, not goin’ anywhere. No matter what.

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