“You Have No Soul” – Madison Cawthorn Campaign Vandalized

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North Carolina Candidate for Congress Madison Cawthorn has experienced violent rhetoric from his opponent, Democrat Moe Davis. But now, rhetoric has translated into actual vandalism of his personal property, the GOP office, and campaign signs. One statement of the vandal’s graffiti was “You have no soul.” Odd choice, that phrase. The Cawthorn campaign for Congress has become the nastiest race in North Carolina, thanks to the rhetoric from the Democrat opponent.

Madison Cawthorn Facebook

Madison Cawthorn Facebook

As we previously noted, Madison Cawthorn is disabled, and was a speaker at the RNC this year, which instantly made him a target. He is openly Christian. On October 10th, he wrote on Facebook:

“At 4:55am last morning, activists from far-left fringe Antifa groups acted on the aggressive rhetoric of my opponent and committed gross acts of vandalism and destruction of property across this district. My opponent’s strike force inflicted thousands of dollars of damage to both public and private property.

The Henderson County GOP office, which was defaced with graffiti, many businesses, and local homes who displayed support for both my candidacy and other Republicans were attacked and their signs defaced.

Personally, my home was targeted and my property vandalized by thugs acting in support of my opponent’s vision for this district. These left-wing enforcers spray-painted threats of violence and echoed my opponent’s words, as they symbolically crushed my neck and head on each sign deposited on my property.

The most disturbing report about last night’s events involves my opponent refusing to denounce these acts of aggressive violence. Just weeks ago, a well-known reporter was attacked by leftist groups in downtown Asheville, the same groups who have held rallies in support of my opponent, when asked to condemn such violent acts against impartial members of the media my opponent was silent. Today my opponent is silent again. Rest assured that attempts to silence our message of hope for this district will not succeed. Let us continue to pray for these troubled people that they may find peace.”

Madison Cawthorn Facebook

Madison Cawthorn Facebook

Although Madison believes it was Antifa who made the mess, it is unknown for certain if they were the perpetrators. There do not appear to be any anarchist symbols like Antifa usually scrawls on buildings, although the Cawthorn campaign did not post pictures of everything vandalized. Antifa could care less about a “soul,” as they are anarchists who don’t believe in God. It is doubtful they would be asking Madison to “please reconsider” his campaign as they normally just threaten people and call them names. Did Moe Davis have any part in this activity?  He once remarked that Mike Pompeo was accidentally “butt dialed” by Jesus because he believes he was called to the position he holds.

Madison noted in his post that “These left-wing enforcers spray-painted threats of violence and echoed my opponent’s words, as they symbolically crushed my neck and head on each sign deposited on my property.”

Madison did not post photos of the signs that he mentioned. He did not post photos of the homes that he mentioned were vandalized as well.

Remember this post from his opponent:

Does the symbolism have more to it than meets the eye? Colonel Davis (ret) has refused to condemn the acts of vandalism against the Cawthorn campaign. The Big Guy who holds the real souls of the people knows exactly who did it, and the ass-whuppin’ is on its way. What goes around comes around. Count on it.

Featured photo: Facebook via Madison Cawthorn.


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  • Talon Braun

    Wow! Can’t believe a colonel tweeted that bullshit! Shows his true colors. I’d NEVER let that Fucker have my six!!!

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