Year of Instability – 2016 and Your Gun Rights

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We are days away from a new year and the gun grabbing goonies are at it again. An assault weapons ban that is expanded to model the Australia law passed years ago is in committee in the House, as we previously reported.


According to the Aussies, it was a mistake that they are paying for, and wished they hadn’t given up their rights. So far, many in the House say that HR 4269 isn’t going anywhere, but it’s best to watch in case… the question is more about vigilance than stopping one assault.

year of instability

Exercise your rights or lose them

The year 2016 is the last year Mr. Obozo will be in the White House and one way or another he is going to try to pass more draconian legislation that will infringe upon our rights. He’s already threatened an executive order, said to be coming after January 1.

I urge everyone who owns a gun, whether it you don’t think it affects you or not, to stand by your rights, because today is one thing tomorrow is another. Anything can happen.

Watch out in California

With the rapid spread of attacks against the people of the United States, I can promise you every chance the loonie left gets, they will try to go after your freedoms. In California, for example, a new law that goes into effect on January 1 allows family members to ask law enforcement to confiscate relatives’ guns and do a “mental evaluation.”

Combat them by exercising your rights, and stand firm.

Tell them you’re watching

Make your representatives understand that you are watching them and will not only ensure you vote them out of office, but that any loss of life is on their conscience. All anti-second amendment views are against the people’s well being… how many deaths have there been in gun free zones, for example? That blood is on the hands of those who continually push for the leftist agenda.

How about a cement-filled gun safe?

While combating the jackboot lickers, make sure you store your firearms in places that are away from the access of the ‘collection agencies.’ This will make their confiscation harder.

If you have to fill your safe with high density concrete and a few spent brass casings to watch their goofy selves try to extract the safe your basement, at least you have the last laugh. We conveniently forgot the code to the safe… oops.  Let them take it … because your firearms will be nowhere near it.

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