Yale Prof Makes Exam Optional so Upset Students can find a Safe Space

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A Yale professor told students that they could skip the midterm exam if they were “upset” over the election of Donald Trump. Some Conservative news media are calling them “snowflakes.”  (It’s an insult to real snowflakes. At least those disappear instantly. These stick around…). But not all got away with demanding a Dean’s excuse for an exam.

Jon Victor is the Editor of Yale News, and reported that not all students were able to whine their way out of an exam:

It’s unknown how many students were so upset by Donald Trump’s victory that they flunked the exam.

And of course the liberals were crying all over the nation Tuesday night. Others were creating havoc. The cities of Oakland and Portland had protests. (No surprise there). Some even burned the flag. (No surprise there either). And yes, the core of the protesters in Portland were …you guessed it, college students from Portland State University.

Here’s Oakland:

The faces of many were glum. Why? Because they believed the lies told by the Clinton campaign.


Heat Street wrote (and their owner is probably quite cranky this morning as she was for Hillary too according to Wikileaks):

Liberal students across the nation watched in shock as Donald Trump clinched victory from Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States.

But some wiped their tears, and pulled themselves together enough to ask their professors to cancel their exams because they were so upset by the results.

No one likes to lose. Everyone wants to win. It’s how you handle the losing and winning that matters. The road of life is bumpy, and you can’t always get your way.

Trump was gracious in his winning. Hillary tried to be gracious. Even Obama tried. (We know it was really difficult). But whining about exams because of an election is over the top.


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