Yale Prof Says People Better Off Under Soviet Union Than Trump

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Yale Prof Dr Emily Jane O’Dell, (who specializes in Islamic law and civilization) recently tweeted that people lived better under the Soviet Union than they do under Trump. She claimed that she interviewed a lot of people who were in the USSR at the time and that’s what they told her. (Campus Reform)

Professor Emily Jane O’Dell has deactivated her Twitter account – screenshot via Campus Reform
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Who’s the “Ivy League Professor?” She doesn’t say. But the notion that Ivy League professors know more than anyone else is elitist to the max. So the premise here is that capitalism “dehumanizes” people. Was the wholesale slaughter of people under Stalin “dehumanizing” ???America is better off than most other forms of government just because of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Oh wait…they’re trying to destroy that too.

Back in the USSR

Thousands of people attempted to flee the Soviet Union only to meet the firing squad. Repression, the forced labor camps, the long bread lines, the government that attempted to keep its citizens INSIDE the country. I personally had a friend who swam parts of the Danube River to escape the barbed wire, land mines, guard dogs, and machine guns. She made it to freedom, and eventually married a wealthy dentist here in the states. Talking to her gave me chills every time. So this EJ O’Dell is full of it.

What happens to people when things are so bad in their lives that worse times look good? Life under the Soviets was anything but good.

“From 1917 to 1991, the Soviet Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was the largest socialist state on the planet, and the biggest rival to the US from WWII to the end of the ’80s. Daily life in the Soviet Union, especially early on, was famously awful, with widespread famine, state censorship, and forced labor camps, among countless other atrocities…

…Everyone’s heard of long Soviet bread lines, but that’s not even the half of it. Even a self-proclaimed “well off” American student living in Moscow in the mid-’60s says that getting any food at all was a tremendous chore. Dr. Naomi F. Collins says that “exhaustion stalked her” in the “efforts of daily living.” Even buying staples like cheese and rice “took forever” because you had to stand in long lines for nearly every item you wanted. Even after waiting, you didn’t get the item directly; you had to claim vouchers at each “station” and pay a cashier before then going back to the stations and picking up your items.” Kellen Perry


Gosh that sounds like fun, eh? Much better than under Donald Trump, right? Wrong. Deluded, deceived, and dumb, this Yale prof sees only what she wants to see. Pity the students who sit in her classrooms.

We’ll pass. We’ll take Trump any day over the Soviet Union.

Featured photo: Screenshot -Buying meat in the old Soviet Union via Ranker

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  • Ron

    Leftist are blinded by hate and bias. They are masters at lie into themselves and rationalizing even the most blatant, horrid, and pervasive evils about socialism. I would like to say they are dumb, but many of them are quite cunning in their ability to manipulate the truth to their “approved” narrative.

    It is quite disconcerting that these bastions of bias and hate are allowed to teach our children and young adults.
    As Reagan said, it only takes a generation to lose our freedom and prosperity.

  • Fred

    Nice. We can finally avoid stupid Instagram

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