YAF Wins Free Speech Victory Over UC Berkeley- Will It Stick?

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The YAF – Young America’s Foundation- won a major free speech victory over UC Berkeley on Monday. According to the Daily Wire, “the university will have to pay YAF $70,000 to reimburse attorneys’ fees, rescind the unconstitutional “high-profile speaker policy,” rescind the viewpoint-discriminatory security fee policy, and abolish its heckler’s veto so that protestors will be barred from blocking conservatives from speaking.” Maybe this will stick, maybe it won’t. UCB is an atremely liberal school.

But take heed, free speech lovers, this is a SETTLEMENT, not a court ruling. The court ruling 7 months ago said that the university’s rules were constitutional, and ruled against the YAF. This is how UC Berkeley spun news of the settlement:

“… The settlement does not require the university to concede that any of the plaintiffs’ claims of previous viewpoint discrimination have any basis in fact, for they did not. The settlement agreement confirms that all efforts by plaintiffs to prove viewpoint discrimination by the campus have been abandoned.

“We are gratified that our Major Event Policy has been validated,” said campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof. “During the spring semester and the current semester, it has been that very policy that has enabled the campus to work effectively with the Berkeley College Republicans as they hosted numerous events featuring prominent conservative speakers without incident or interruption.”

As part of the settlement, UC Berkeley has agreed to to consider making a few non-substantive changes to its Major Events Policy. The campus has also agreed to pay $70,000 to reimburse the plaintiffs for their attorney’s fees. That amount is a fraction of the attorney’s fees that plaintiffs incur in a lawsuit of this sort, and an even smaller fraction of the legal expenses the university would have been forced to incur in order to pursue its objectives in court.”

Basically, the school agreed to a settlement, not because they admit to anything wrong, but because it was expensive to pursue it.

The changes to the Major Event policies are at this link. They’ve published a fee schedule here.

This is a school in which some of the students actually HATE America, according to an article in The Blaze. Example: “America is trash and I look forward to the day it burns down.”

So will they change and suddenly become Constitution friendly? Not likely. They don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. Welcome to reality.

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