WWII Veteran Ervin Julian Welcomed at Trump Rally in Phoenix

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While the Democrats were busily chewing on each other in last night’s debate,  a 100 year old WWII Navy veteran named Ervin Julian was carried to his seat at the Trump Rally in Phoenix by two Trump supporters. As he came down the aisle at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the crowd erupted in cheers of “USA, USA, USA!” President Trump called him the “hottest celebrity in the world at that moment.” (Washington Examiner)

“I asked my son Don to get a couple of hats and get some things and give them to Ervin right now and I want to thank you, really, that’s a great honor and thank you for the great job you’ve done, an American patriot, thank you very much.” President Trump

Donald Trump Jr reflected on the action the two men took to bring the veteran into the rally.

“This is the America I know, this is what Trump supporters are all about and what they stand for, this is what I see at every one of @realDonaldTrump’s rally’s.

If you haven’t been I suggest you go and see for yourself.”

Don Jr presented autographed Trump hats to all three of them.

TheBlaze reported,

During President Trump’s speech, he honored Mr. Julian before the inside audience of an estimated 20,000 people, thanking Mr. Julian before the veteran was lifted up by the men who had carried him to his place of prominence. The crowd roared and chanted again as the president faced Mr. Julian and continued to clap for the World War II veteran.

As we have said before, our WWII veterans are disappearing at an alarming rate – they sacrificed everything to save America from the fate of tyrannical governments. Their mindset was decidedly different from what we have been witnessing in society over the last few decades. As the “FreeThinker”above noted, they carried the United States during some of the most horrific battles in history. Ervin Julian was one of them.

The patriotism displayed at Trump rallies flies in the face of the negative, angry rhetoric that comes from the other side. There is love of country, and love for veterans. Those who have attended the rallies have noted a vibe of hope for the future, a positive outlook. It’s patriotic. It’s alive. And it makes us proud to be Americans.

Some of the responses to Kari Lake’s video:

“That’s the America I love, these people make you proud!! God bless you and our veterans!!”

“This is the way people used to be. It’s good to see it again.”

“Today is the 75th anniversary of the landing on Iwo Jima. How appropriate that this happened today. Beautiful!”

Featured photo: screenshot via Kari Lake


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