Atlanta: WWII Veteran Died as Heartless Nurses Laughed, Did Nothing

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James Dempsey, 89, was an Army veteran who served in WWII. The
Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center was his last place of residence. But as he cried out for help six times because he couldn’t breathe, nurses laughed, and did nothing until he died. He was not afforded dignity, nor honor at his death.

The incident occurred in 2014, with information just now being released.

The Dempsey family had placed a hidden camera in the room prior to the incident, to monitor the care their loved one was receiving. The video captured the night the WWII veteran cried out for help and ultimately died.

The veteran was having trouble breathing. As the nurses attempted to get his oxygen working, something struck them funny and they began laughing. Mr. Dempsey was still in breathing distress at that time. Soon, however, he became unresponsive.

The nursing supervisor, Wanda Knuckles, gave a deposition to attorneys. In it, she stated that she entered the room and began CPR, and kept it up until paramedics arrived. She was unaware of the hidden camera. It revealed her statement wasn’t the case.

When she was asked what was so funny, she said she didn’t remember.

Attorneys for the nursing home fought all the way through the courts to stop the video from being given to WXIA-TV. But a DeKalb County judge ruled it should be released.

Fox wrote,

WXIA-TV reported the nursing home was told of the video in 2015 but did not terminate the nurses until 10 months later. Nuckles and another nurse did not surrender their licenses until this September when the Georgia Board of Nursing was sent a link to the video by the news station.

Records showed the nursing home continued to have problems, including $813,000 in Medicare fines since 2015, WXIA-TV reported. It said the nursing home got a good inspection report in May, but still has Medicare’s lowest score, a one-star rating. The nursing home was currently still open.

No human being, veteran or civilian, should EVER be treated like this.

Featured photo – screenshot via WXIA video

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  • Sabrina Oldham

    It should not have taken so long for justice to be served NO ONE should be treated this way and DEFINETLY NOT someone who risked their lives to give you the freedom you have today!!! MORE should of happened to those so called nurses then just losing their licenses and jobs!!!

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