WWII Navy Veteran Bill Kelly: I Lived Through Guam, I Can Live Through This B**sh*

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McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon: By all the odds, WWII Navy Veteran Bill Kelly should be dead. “Grandpa Bill” has high blood pressure, congenital heart disease, and stage 3 kidney disease, you know, those “underlying medical conditions” that are supposed to make COVID-19 fatal.  But this 95 year old WWII veteran is kicking COVID-19 in the butt. He’s his old sassy self, according to his granddaughter. Oregon Live.
“I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this Corona Virus bull**** .” Bill Kelly
Kelly’s granddaughter is Rose Ayers-Etherington. She proudly posted her grandfather’s COVID-19 fight on her Facebook page.
He came down with symptoms on March 15, and probably would never have known if he had the disease. But his grandson Isaac, Rose’s husband, is a medical  evacuation pilot and had him tested. It came back positive, which put the entire family at risk. Isaac tested negative. “Grandpa Bill”, as his family calls him, is described by his family as “pretty hardcore.” They all had to keep him isolated in his room for the 2 weeks. Bill Kelly completed his recovery on Monday. The entire family was in quarantine with him during that time.
Rose’s post reads in part:
?MY 95 YEAR OLD GRANDFATHER CONTRACTED THE COVID-19 VIRUS AND IS KICKING IT IN THE BUTT!!? And he has underlying medical conditions – stage 3 kidney disease, congenital heart disease and high blood pressure. But grandpa Bill is as tough as nails. He lived through the Great Depression and was amongst the first boots to set foot in the South Pacific during WW2…
…He has strong mental resolve. He has seen tough times and knows how to get through them. His advice?
“Always be grateful. Thank God continually for what he has blessed you with. Don’t get caught up in the peripheral things of this earth, because everything can disappear, just like that. Family is most important. Stick together, take care of each other.”
…One of grandpa’s coping methods has been blasting that polka chicken dancing song from his room over and over again. Lord give us strength. ? Much love to everyone! What a gift it is to be alive.  
Grandpa Bill told Oregon Live that his spirit never sank. He drank lots of liquids, watched old movies, got lots of rest, and prayed.
“We’re doing just fine here. We’re toughing it out. I’ve got two great-grandsons to keep me busy. I’ve been very fortunate.”  Bill Kelly
Rose sharing her grandpa’s story is uplifting for us all. A member of the “Greatest Generation” fought that unseen enemy and won. It’s just a different kind of war.
Featured photo: Screenshot of Navy Veteran Bill Kelly on Rose Ayers-Etherington’s Facebook page.

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