WV Passes Constitutional Carry Over Governor Veto

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WV Passes Constitutional Carry Over Governor Veto

As of late May, 2016, West Virginia will become the 7th state to pass permitless carry – the ability to carry a gun concealed without a license. In a bipartisan vote of 23-11 in the Senate, and 64-33 in the House, West Virginia overrode Governor Tomblin’s veto of the measure.

wv passes constitutional carry

“This bill allows West Virginians to protect themselves without the government’s permission. I am proud of this version, and I am pleased that today we were able to stand up for the constitutional rights our citizens hold so dear.”  Senate President Bill Cole, R-Mercer


Law enforcement objections

West Virginia law enforcement expressed concerns over the bill. Their influence prompted the Governor to veto it in the first place.

“West Virginia’s law enforcement officers have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe and helping us in times of need, and it’s disheartening that the members of the Legislature have chosen not to stand with these brave men and women – putting their safety and the safety of West Virginians at risk. It’s unfortunate that the concerns of officers from every law enforcement branch in the state, including the West Virginia State Police and university campus police officers, have been ignored by today’s action.” WV Governor Tomblin

According to the WV Gazette, public opinion was heavily against allowing permitless carry.  But the legislature stated they were sticking with the Constitution rather than the polls or law enforcement concerns.

The courts have never ruled against permits by saying they were unconstitutional, which is the argument given by those who oppose the permitless carry legislation.

The bill

HB 4145 allows anyone over 21 to carry a handgun without a permit. Young people between 18 and 21 may carry with a permit. People who wish to carry in states that have reciprocity agreements may continue to get permits.

There is a $50 tax credit for people  who choose to obtain firearms training. There are also enhanced penalties for committing crimes with firearms.

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