Women’s March – Solidarity For Exact Minds

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THE CULMINATION – Derived through the fear of uncertainty and the unknown, the Women’s March appeared to be more like a Halloween party than a protest to be taken seriously.  But with leadership such as Madonna, Judd, and Sarsour, it was about as legit, peaceful and inclusive as BLM.

Future leader of America

A segment from a story courtesy of Steven Lemongello – Orlando Sentinel:

“Wednesday’s Opinion page had one of the silliest columns I have ever seen (My Word: “Before Jan. 21 march, a bus ride — we’ll step up to speak out”). Kathy Putnam seems to think “her” country is in dire straits, now that Donald Trump has been elected. It’s curious that those who seek so much love, understanding and tolerance fail to extend even a modicum of decency to those who don’t share their beliefs.”

Setting a great example


There are several issues with this event.  To be clear, there are no issues with protests in general, when a group has been unjustly treated.  But there is a struggle to find justification in this case.  First off, to pose a couple questions hypothetically.  Would this march have taken place had Obama been able to serve a 3rd term?  Or for that matter, if Hillary, or Sanders had won office?

Trump has been in office for less than a week, so apparently these are long residing issues. Why wasn’t this planned months ago? This hot and cold mentality has never, and will never carry weight.


In case it’s been forgotten, the 42nd President Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice resulting from an affair in which he did receive sexual favors.  That was not speculation.  Why no uproar in that instance?

To explain why in simple terms, the preferred candidate didn’t win. And this in no way fits the agenda of the fly by night movement.  “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, or in this case, hell hath no fury like a woman that is afraid of being scorned.


Next, what was accomplished by the march?  There is an understanding that not every woman at this event was dressed in a vagina costume, and probably do have legitimate concerns.

However, there is a popular quote that one should “choose your battles wisely.”  Preemptively choosing a battle, and picking an adversary before the battle has begun, is ludicrous.  In the end, it serves no purpose.


The audacity is simply unimaginable.  This was a congregation of selfish individuals gathering on a like-minded basis.  People that should be humble and thankful, but instead are so self-absorbed that it is impossible for them to communicate with the general population.

Liberals that raise hell when certain personal mandates don’t coincide, does not constitute new found heroes, or validation of your thoughts.   In fact, validation via like-minds, may ‘feel good,’ but only furthers the divide among us… especially when it  is displayed publicly without an ounce of dignity and in a fashion (I use that term loosely) that is down right embarrassing.

In closing, another segment from the above story,

“Putnam writes, ‘I also resolve to try to understand the political views of others by asking questions and listening.’  I believe that if she ever really listened to anyone other than herself, and those who are like-minded, she might be able to skip that useless march.”





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