Women’s March Against the NRA – “Real Men don’t Need Guns” – What About Those Armed Guards?

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You now can safely say that the left is not against guns. They are against YOU having guns. On Friday, there was an anti-NRA women’s march from the headquarters of the NRA 18 miles to the Department of Justice, and there were armed guards present for the leadership. One of the themes of the march was “Real Men Don’t Need Guns.” So that means the armed men with them weren’t real men? #NRA2DOJ



Breitbart and others reported the hypocrisy of the left.

Townhall noted,

“Leftist agitators like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts hiring armed protection while demanding the rest of us turn in our guns into government bureaucrats is nothing new. Watts does the same every time she shows up to protest at the NRA annual meeting. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who pays Watts millions to take away the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans, doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail.”



They have in the past said that they had to have armed guards because all the right wingers wanted to kill them.  The Women’s March T-shirts  read “Nobody is safe unless everyone is safe.” It’s all convoluted liberal thinking.



The Anti-NRA protesters accused one woman of being pro-NRA when she was not. Now THAT sparked a cat fight and demand to have their tweet taken down. They didn’t.



Snotty women, aren’t they?


Gotta get the camera angle right, ya know.


For this one, if you’re not familiar with Angela Davis and her Communist/Marxist radical activism and connection to the Black Panthers…go look her up. It’s chilling that anyone follows her.


As we stated before- these folks are a) hypocritical and b) exceedingly messed up. Liberalism really IS a mental disorder. This was one of the best responses in the Twitter feed:

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