Woman Refuses to Wear Hijab – Riot Ensues

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Woman Refuses to Wear Hijab – Riot Ensues

Eleven people were arrested at a Migrant Center in Leopoldsburg, Belgium after a riot broke out  because one Syrian woman refused to wear a hijab. About 100 Muslims were involved in the riot.

Four of the arrested men were placed in detention, the others were individually housed and removed to different migrant centers.

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According to Breitbart London, opposing sides in the riot used garbage cans, chairs, sticks and anything else they could grab to fight with each other.

“Two or three Afghans had been targeting a young girl from Syria for a couple of days because she was not covering her head, which is weird, because several other girls were also not wearing a headscarf. It is not clear why they were after this girl in particular…We are shocked by this massive brawl, it is also traumatic for the other asylum seekers, women and children. We honestly did not see this fight coming, although the arguments had apparently been going on for a few days.” An Lyten, Red Cross representative

Two sides emerged from the squabble over her headscarf:  Syrians and Iraqis defending her on one side, Afghans siding against her on the other.

Seven people were injured in the argument, one seriously enough to be taken to the hospital.

Whose rules count? 

Some officials were  upset at the confrontation, saying that the migrants were guests of Belgium and had to conform to Belgian culture, not their own. And he is right.

But many Muslim immigrants want their rules and their way of life – you know, the one that destroyed their lives in the first place, and demand that Western countries conform to them. Afghanistan and their Taliban roots were showing in this riot.


Why should women have to wear a hijab? They shouldn’t. The hijab and every other type of female Muslim garb is not just deadly from a security standpoint – they are symbols of the repression and subjugation of women. If they live in a Western nation they should be free to wear Western style clothing.

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