‘Woke’ Columbus Council Discusses Demilitarizing Police

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In the midst of protests, riots, and shootings, the Columbus Council is discussing ridding the police of their military-style gear. The Finance Committee held a public hearing on Tuesday “to examine the city’s purchasing code and create parameters around what military-style equipment, gear, and uniforms police can or cannot buy or use.” (10tv)

The chair of the Finance Committee believes that a “helicopter circling over a child’s home” breeds problems. The council appears to believe that the “optics” of the military style equipment are what fuels the protests and riots, and accused Columbus Police of being a rogue, racist organization. “Woke” Mayor Andrew Ginther has repeatedly told media that countless Black lives have been killed at the hands of police officers. The Mayor and Council have “led the public to believe that the Columbus Police routinely kill Black people for no reason.”

Which isn’t the truth.

The council spoke about the Henry Green, 23, case from 2016, which they claimed was an example of police racist behavior. But Columbus officers only shot Mr. Green after he fired 6 rounds of a .45 at police officers from less than 14 feet away. A Grand Jury failed to indict the officers, and a federal judge dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit against them. Columbus Dispatch

Not everything is lollipops and rainbows in the world. But the woke Columbus Council seems to think that all the “military style hardware” being gone will stop the problem.

Written statements sent to the council ahead of the hearing were largely in support of the police. But it apparently fell on deaf ears.

One former officer who wrote to the council stated that in 2016 there were 7 fatal shootings of Blacks out of the 600,000 to 800,000 police encounters every year. That number has steadily declined to last year, when the number was only 1. He said that the Mayor should be proud of his officers, but instead he and the council have demoralized and demonized them.

The Bearcat has been used to protect victims when the situation required it, transporting them to safety. The former officer stated that the Council’s rhetoric was “dangerously inflammatory” – and he is correct. That goes for “woke” councils all across the nation who push a narrative that is wrong so that they can bend to the prevailing wind and endanger police.

Controlling the narrative

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children received an email that explained what the Columbus Mayor and Council want to do:

“They want to get rid of our Swat Bearcat, patrol rifles, all gas munitions, our helicopter unit….. and several other pieces of life saving safety equipment. The mayor has given officers stand down orders when dealing with violent protestors. The Mayors office has a gag order on the Police department. The division is not allowed to give interviews, and they have taken over all social media so they can control the narrative. Totally silencing a response to all of the mayors lies he’s spreading on all news stations.”

The unnamed officer also told us that in April of 2016, one of their SWAT officers was shot and killed while he was in a Bearcat.  He was a 27 year veteran of the force. It was reported by WSYX.

Why are police geared up as much as they are these days? Back in February of 1997, a bank robbery in North Hollywood turned into a shootout between police and the two robbers. Nearly 2,000 rounds were fired, causing massive damage. Police were only armed with 9mm handguns and a shotgun. The robbers were armed with illegally altered weapons turned into automatic ones, and wore heavily fortified body armor. Twelve officers and 8 civilians were injured, both suspects eventually killed. That’s the moment in history that police upgraded their weaponry. It wasn’t Mayberry then.

It’s not Mayberry now.  Do we really want our police officers to go back to “the way it was” in light of today’s violent situations? The Columbus Council has asked for legislation to make it happen.

Featured photo: Columbus Division of Police SWAT Bearcat via Flickr


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