Here without Harambe-How Pepe the Frog got a new friend.

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So I stumbled upon an article by the titleHarambe’s legacy? University staff member bars images of gorillas due to ‘masculine image’ and my first reaction was something like ‘what the heck’ (feel free to change the last word and discover the true reaction). Seriously now, the image of a gorilla is triggering? Oh this must be a special kind of stupid.

I have to admit liberals never fail to amuse me, first they declare war on a cartoon frog (which as we all know is Hitler incarnate and is set to destroy the world)  and now gorilla images are triggering. But let’s enjoy the exact words of that professor who seeks to stop the decoration of one of the dorm’s floors with images of gorillas:

“According to the university’s assistant complex director Dale Morrow, such virility could have “triggering” consequences as students grapple with the visual connotations of one of man’s closest cousins. “Gorillas,” Dale wrote, ‘represent a very masculine image, and I feel that this would not be inclusive to all our residents on that floor.'”

So it’s not enough that all the forms of degeneracy are currently flourishing within college campuses throughout the US, now anything that dares remind them of reality- we’re talking about how things normally are, not how they look like in their perverted and twisted SJW bubbly universe- is to be banned.

I sincerely hope liberals have seizures over this one.

I guess Harambe took his rightful place in the basket of deplorables, next to Pepe the frog and each and everyone who dares to be normal in these really troubling times we live in. So my fellow deplorable, since it makes liberals have spasms and desperately seek safe spaces, it’s time to bombard them with images of gorillas. Buckle up cause it’s time for gorilla warfare.

Also according to the lyrics on this lovely song, Hillary was the person who ordered the hit(1′ 40″ in the video). Given the fact that most likely the author did not delete 30,000 emails from an illegal personal server I’d say it seems legit and credible.

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