Wisconsin – Bad*** 95 Year Old Marine and Daughter Kick Robber’s Butt

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On December 4 in West Allis, Wisconsin, a robber decided to hit the home of a 95 year old Marine Veteran, Fred Bennett and his daughter Mary. Bad move. The Marine veteran fought back and the daughter chased the suspect through 12 neighbor’s yards to catch him.

Fred, the 95 year old WWII Marine veteran, fought in the Pacific Theater, one of the most grueling, bloody areas of the war. Don’t mess with WWII veterans, and especially not Marines.

As he and his little dog were sitting in the living room at around 7:45 p.m. that night, the dog started to bark towards the hallway.

“He must have seen him.” Fred

So Fred got up and opened a back bedroom door, coming nose to nose with the bad guy. “Get the hell out of here!” Fred shouted. When the man threatened him, the fight was on.

Instead, the suspect, identified as Gary Wells, 53,  demanded Fred’s wallet and said he would kill both Fred and the dog.

Fred grabbed him by the collar and tried to throw him out the back door.

“Then I was mad. Then I was trying to get the wallet back from him and I was reaching around his waist and we both went down on the floor.” Fred

Fred pinned Wells against the wall in a struggle, which is where he was able to lift Fred’s wallet. As Fred wrestled the man to the ground, he called for his daughter.

“I don’t remember my feet touching the steps,” Mary recalled.  She flew down the stairs to her father’s aid. According to local media, she found him “wrapped around the intruder’s legs.” She took over the fight.

The fight continued into the kitchen, where Mary, 51, was able to get the wallet away from Wells. She let him go as she drew his fist back to punch her, but then chased him through her neighbor’s yards. As her Dad called the police, she took off after Wells. She was barefoot. Wearing thin yoga pants. In December. In Wisconsin.

“He said, ‘I’m sorry.’ And I said, ‘Sorry doesn’t cut it.’ I said, ‘Stop running.’ And he goes, ‘Leave me alone I said I was sorry.’ I said, ‘I’m not leaving you alone until you are in handcuffs.” Mary

When the man slowed down and his leg got stuck on a picket fence, Mary pounced and held him untl police arrived. Along the way through the yards, she had yelled for people to call the police.

They both said they wouldn’t have done what they did if Wells had been armed with a gun. But then, they both might be dead too.

Gary Wells, 53

Wells was arrested and charged with Felony Burglary on December 12.


Featured photo: screenshot of Fred Bennett.

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