The Winged Hussars Pt.2- The Miracle at Wisla

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“Cud nad Wisłą”- The Miracle at Wisla.

Jasiński “Allegory of Victory in 1920

Setting the stage

The year is 1920, Lenin and the rest of the Soviet leadership has decided that it is time to spread communism in the central and western parts of Europe.

At the same time, Poland is fighting to secure its recently formed borders and retain its newly gained independence. If you do the math, it seems like a good idea for the Red Army at this point to invade Poland.

Keep in mind that in Germany, though devastated by the war, there is a very strong socialist/communist movement. Therefore by securing Poland under soviet control there is a good chance for a further expansion in war torn Germany.

Also keep in mind that there has been a mini civil war taking place after WWI in almost every major German city, a civil war between right-wing and left-wing paramilitary groups.

The Bolsheviks are preparing the ground for an upcoming war by declaring in their speeches that the revolution is to be carried to western Europe on the bayonets of the Red Army, and that the shortest route to Berlin and Paris lay through Warsaw.

The start of the conflict:

The Polish joined forces with Ukrainians and their combined forces began to overrun Ukraine, capturing Kiev in the 7th of May 1920. Then the Red Army’s overwhelmingly successful counter offensive began…the Polish lines were easily broken.

Polish cities were overrun  and it was clear to foreign observers that a Polish collapse was imminent. It had all come down to one final battle, the battle for Warsaw.

It was a desperate situation for the Polish defenders who were vastly outnumbered and slightly demoralized.

“Devise a plan, but it will be thwarted; State a proposal, but it will not stand, For God is with us.” Isaiah 8:10

The only thing that kept the Polish spirit going was their firm belief in God. And that… is how miracles happen.

Marszalek Polski Jozef Pilsudski by artist Zdzisław Kruszyński.

The Red Army’s offensive was faced by a cunning plan devised by Józef Piłsudski.

Piłsudski was head of the Polish state, but he resigned in order to focus entirely on the war efforts. Though his plan to outmaneuver and surround the Red Army did not succeed completely, it led the Polish to victory and pushed the Soviets back.

The Soviet losses were 15,000 dead, 10,000 wounded and 65,000 captured. On the other hand, the Polish suffered 4,500 dead and 22,000 wounded. Needless to say that this victory, which will forever be known as the ‘miracle at Wisla’ did not come at a high price.

Polish-soviet war 1920

Soviets stopped

The aftermath of that battle is quite significant. The Soviets did not manage to set foot on central Europe and their plans for expansions were forced to a halt, the plan for the overthrow of the Lithuanian government was one of many that had to be cancelled as the immediate result of that defeat.

Once again Poland had saved Europe. Sadly a few years later the ungrateful Western Leaders left Poland to the Soviets and did not comply with Winston Churchill’s (who could foresee the danger that would arise) proposal to attack the USSR after WW2.

In 1991 communism collapsed, though Poland went through some rough times, it’s back up on its feet and ready to defend the West if need be.

Poland stands as a beacon of light among the darkness of the socialist EU. It has a strong immigration policy, holds firm traditionalist conservative beliefs and it’s building up its military might.

Poland is different than the socialist EU

In Cologne, Germany,  New Years Eve was an orgy of sexual harassment by Muslim “refugees” against German women. But in all of the major Polish cities people where happy (and safe) outside celebrating.

Maybe the next time it won’t be Vienna but the reconquest of an Islamic Berlin and maybe the miracle could happen in Syria against the hordes of ISIS. One thing is for sure, the descendants of the Winged Hussars will be there.


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