Will the DHS take over the elections?

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Two states’ computer systems’ election software were hacked or had malware found: Arizona and Illinois, and once again, Russia was blamed. Which has prompted Secretary Jeh Johnson to say that the DHS was going to help states secure their systems from hacking attempts. Interesting since they themselves have been hacked before (by a teenager no less).

What would the Feds do to protect Hillary?

Which leads to the inevitable question…are they trying to federalize elections when the Constitution specifically says those are the responsibility of the states? Probably not, but the trust level with the Federal Government is at an all -time low.

No one trusts them

According to Breitbart,

Despite the fallout from the DNC hack, some Republicans have expressed concern that the Obama administration will use it as an excuse to nationalize elections.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said Homeland Security officials are making more of the threat than is warranted in an effort to gain greater influence over state-run election systems.

“It seems like now it’s just the D.C. media and the bureaucrats, because of the DNC getting hacked — they now think our whole system is on the verge of disaster because some Russian’s going to tap into the voting system,” Kemp, a Republican, told Politico. “And that’s just not — I mean, anything is possible, but it is not probable at all, the way our systems are set up.”

Denial of ulterior motive

Secretary Jeh Johnson adamantly refutes any thought that his DHS would federalize elections.

“There’s a lot of chatter on the Internet about what [DHS help] could mean. It does not mean a federal takeover of state election systems or state elections, or even national elections. We don’t have the authority to do that…What we do in Homeland Security, in cybersecurity, is offer assistance when people ask for it. So I’ve been trying to educate state election officials about what we are in a position to offer them, to help them manage their election system.” Jeh Johnson

How far would the Feds go to protect Hillary? original photo from wallstreetonparade.com

Hillary and the Dems

Hillary Clinton lied. It’s that simple. The recent hacks from Wikileaks, Guccifer2, and everyone else and their grandmother have proven that without a doubt.

The hacking by foreign governments (or any one else) have caused concern over the election process in the US. But in fact, the revelations caused by the hacks are extremely important to that election process- revealing corruption and underhanded activity.  Do the Russians have a motive? Or is there someone else involved from the inside?  We may never know, but we do know this: Hillary is corrupt and a liar.

This video is an interview with Julian Assange from Wikileaks. He’s right. We needed to know this information.




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