Will America Survive? It’s up to You!

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There is a harbinger of death riding on the back of our nation…the sounds of its loud squawking echoes past the foundations of our country and into the future. Will America survive? It’s the question we all need to answer.

I ran across these photographs today via Bored Panda. They were taken by Phoo Chan, an internationally known photographer from California who got the pictures of a lifetime. But he had no idea of the significance of his photos for America. They tell a story. And it’s not a pretty one.


photo © by Phoo Chan

For decades, there has been a shadow over this nation, a shadow of corruption, political correctness, sin, and death.The move toward socialism has been incremental across more than one administration. The America we once knew has been haunted, followed by Cultural Marxism and the demand for conformity to the whims and ideas of certain groups.


Photo © by Phoo Chan

It began to land in full force when Barack Obama took over the Presidency. The deliberate dividing of America began in earnest…black vs white, Christian vs Muslim, gay vs straight, left vs right.

The truth is that you don’t have to conform to others to love them. You do not have to succumb to the pressure of those who screech their ideas to media camera clicks. And yet…

We did nothing. As the eagle in the photo, we ignored the influence of the harbinger of death, and now…it has landed. It rides the back of America.


Photo © by Phoo Chan


In nature, ravens/crows hassle raptors like eagles and hawks. They hassle them and peck at them, because the raptors are the hunters and the crows are the scavengers. They want the eagles to drop their prey, which happens on occasion. Then the crows get the spoil. In the photo above, the raven lands directly on the back of the eagle and takes a ride – and the eagle pays no attention to it.

Our 239th Birthday- what is our destiny from here?

We have been hassled by small groups for decades until their wishes have now become the overriding force in America. With the recent Supreme Court decisions, our Constitution has been literally shoved aside. Our Bill of Rights is on the downhill slope – everything we once took for granted, having no idea that  they would be taken from us are now in jeopardy.  Tax exemptions for churches, the Stars and Stripes, our history itself, the ability to speak freely without government interference…all soon to be completely gone.

These groups hate our flag, they hate our heritage, they hate our desire to live moral lives, they hate us world wide now. Many want us dead. Our voices of individuality are being silenced in favor of compromise.

Will America survive? Only you can answer that- only you can choose.



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