Wilfred Stark III Arrested For Assaulting NV Candidate Campaign Manager

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Wilfred Stark III (Michael) was arrested on Tuesday evening for assaulting the campaign manager for Nevada GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt. It’s a pattern of aggression that he has been well known for, yet the Democrat organization funded by George Soros that he worked for, American Bridge, didn’t fire him until Wednesday night.

Kristin Davison, Adam Laxalt’s campaign manager, accused Stark of grabbing her arm and refusing to let her go. When police arrested him, he told them, “this is my job” and  “I do this for a living.”

Fox wrote:

But the Las Vegas altercation is just the latest in a series of incidents involving Stark, before and during his time with American Bridge. The organization did not respond to repeated requests for information about what the group knew of Stark’s history and conduct.

Several staffers for Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill told Fox News that Stark is notorious for aggressive behavior when dealing with members and their aides.

“He is widely known among members and staffers as being a real problem on Capitol Hill—not for asking tough questions, but because he’s so openly hostile and combative,” a GOP aide told Fox News. “It’s become a real security concern.”

The aide added: “Aggressive, belligerent, inappropriate—no words do this guy justice.”

The answer, Senator Paul appears to be yes, Democrats (with the full backing of the Soros duo of George and son Alex through the Open Society organization) are paying to incite violence.

The Republican Standard reported,

According to a document from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Wilfred “Mike” Stark III, a Democratic staffer from American Bridge, a progressive super PAC, is the man who is reportedly being sent to follow Comstock  over the Fourth of July Holiday to harass her.

Stark has a long list of run-ins with Republicans and a record of causing violence that stretches back at least 12 years. A report stated that Stark currently has 13 criminal filings including reckless driving, speeding, having an open container in a vehicle, and sleeping on the side of a highway.

More recently, in March this year, Stark assaulted Heather Swift, press secretary for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, when she was leaving a meeting with the House Committee on Natural Resources. Swift was violently shuddered by Stark when he was attempting to get to Zinke. Swift protected her boss and tried to fight off Stark.

Stark was said to be a “reporter” with Shareblue Media at the time.

David Brock, the founder of the progressive PAC American Bridge 21st Century, is a Democrat operative who featured prominently in Wikileaks emails garnered during the 2016 Presidential campaign. He has been working with George Soros funded groups for years. How long has he known that Stark is an assault-prone operative? Probably from the beginning. As Stark himself said, “This is  my job. It’s what I do for a living.”


Featured photo: screenshot via Fox News

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