Wild Stabbing Rampage in Paris Wounds Seven

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Seven people were injured on Sunday night when a 31 year old Afghani migrant went on a stabbing rampage in downtown Paris. Four of those injured are critical. Two of the injured were British tourists. About 20 people chased the man down with petanque balls (metal balls) and hit him with them. He is in custody.

The incident began at around 10:45 p.m. on Sunday night. The Afghani began stabbing random strangers with about a 10 inch knife in the Quai de la Loire area in North Paris. He was also armed with a metal pipe. As the rampage unfolded, about 20 people began chasing him down the street.

At least one person was throwing Petanque balls at him, and whacking him in the head with them as numerous others continued to chase the suspect. They were unable to stop him, according to the New York Post. The man was arrested by police.

Petanque balls – a game similar to Bocce Ball

As usual, French police say there is “no reason to suspect terrorism.” The politically correct “we-don’t-have-a-motive” answer. They never say terrorism is a motive when it’s just one person stabbing people. There have been numerous stabbing attacks in France this year.

According to The Sun UK, the man was in possession of child identity documents issued to an Afghan minor.

Another stabbing

Less than 12 hours later, a man stabbed a postman in the throat with scissors and attempted to stab others in Paris’ 11th District. The suspect was arrested in the Rue de la Roquette area of the city. The condition of the postman is unknown.


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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