Wikileaks “under attack” after releasing over 8K more DNC emails

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Wikileaks stated that their publication servers came under attack from the Department of State after releasing 8263 new DNC emails yesterday. So much for “Freedom of the Press.”

Likely this was part of the US government’s malware put in place to prevent “Russian interference” with the election, since the government views the publishing group as an “arm of the Russian government.”

Of course, the organization’s members are experts in computers, so the down time didn’t last long. Their physical servers are in underground bunkers with state of the art security.


Wikileaks servers – underground bunker. YouTube screenshot

The second release of the DNC records has provided some interesting bits of information, which is probably the reason for the issue with their website.


The Clinton Body count: records of the Vince Foster incident have “mysteriously” disappeared from the National Archives.

CNN and the DNC conspired on the questions for interviews of Trump and Cruz:

DNC was the go-to place for anti-Trump information for news media:

The DNC was blind-sided by Trump’s VP pick. He was not on their obviously flawed radar.

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