Wikileaks goes on the offense: posts reward, threatens lawsuit

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Wikileaks has gone on the offense, after months of allegations of being a Russian tool, Assange being a pedophile, that he wants to destroy governments, and every other attack in the book of the left. They’ve had it. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Are they preparing for a “showdown” in 2017?

Assange is calling the US media “very dishonest.” In that, he and President-Elect Trump have something in common. But is his group planning an impressive offense for 2017, or is this first pinned tweet just a money request?

Here’s their current pinned tweet:

Let’s take a short trip through their Twitter feed to check it out.

Back in 2009, the Obama Administration (of which Hillary was a part at the time) ‘lost’ a 2 terabyte hard drive from the National Archives. That hard drive contained emails, personal data and classified documents from the Clinton White House. In effect, Wikileaks is saying the loss of those documents “erased history.”

The publishing organization is looking for evidence of an Obama administration official destroying any “significant records.” And they’ll pay $30,000 for such evidence.

Then there’s the threat of lawsuit against CNN.

Sarah Palin even apologized to Assange after watching Sean Hannity’s interview on Tuesday. The actual interview has been removed by Twitter and Facebook due to “copyright issues.” Right. We believe that too.

They have repeatedly said their information was not from a state, but no one has paid much attention in the furor raised by the left.

So they’ve asked people to send them evidence of an actual state hacker:

So let’s go back to that first pinned Tweet- expecting that there will be some sort of showdown in 2017. “If you thought 2016 was a big Wikileaks year 2017 will blow you away.” Can hardly wait.

Here’s an argument between Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Tucker Carlson (Fox News host) that gets right to the bottom line.

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