Wikileaks Founder Assange – Internet Access Severed! Is he still alive?

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Wikileaks tweeted three cryptic emails containing a sequence of numbers – which many are calling a “dead man’s switch.” AFTER those were tweeted, they tweeted that Julian Assange’s internet access had been severed by a “State party” and that “contingency plans” were activated.

This series of strange codes was tweeted about 7 hours before the internet access was cut.

The internet went wild with speculation that the codes were a “dead mans switch,” and that Assange had been killed. But some responded with tweets that he is alive and well.

Gizmodo reported,
“Much as these tweets provide great fodder for conspiracy speculation, the secret to their meaning is hidden in plain sight. “Pre-commitment” in this case is a references to a cryptographic scheme to prevent unreleased information from being tampered with. Essentially those unique codes are proof to anyone reading the documents in the future that their contents remain unchanged: alteration to the leaks will likewise alter those 64-character codes.”

According to some on Twitter, the codes are “hashes” – and are meant to be used as verification that the files are genuine and have not been tampered with. If they ARE tampered with, the codes would change.

Assange has been under attack for 5 years

Fox News reported,

“Various U.S. officials and pundits have made threatening statements directed at Assange in the past. WikiLeaks tweeted in early October an alleged 2010 quote from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking if Assange could be killed in a drone strike, and, that same year, former Democrat strategist Bob Beckel said on Fox News Channel that “a dead man can’t leak stuff.” This month, “specific information” prompted Assange to scrap a dramatic London balcony address to celebrate WikiLeaks’ 10th anniversary.”

Has anything happened to Julian Assange?

The comment thread on some of the tweets  is evidence that people are concerned for Julian Assange, or that they are hoping he’s gone. To be perfectly blunt, it is doubtful that it would matter, because he is head of an organization that would release the leaks anyway. He is NOT alone in this.

One person, Edward Szall, a journalist from TruNews, told a person who was concerned that if anything had really happened to Assange, they would have sent out an SOS on third party networks.

Because the next release may involve Ecuador, that may be the reason his internet access was severed. He is currently inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

More Podesta emails were released on Sunday:

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