Why do Democrats Want to Move the Voting Age to 16?

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The left wants to drop the voting age to 16. This is the same group who took away the gun rights of so many young people last year while pushing for gun control measures by lifting the age limit to own a rifle to 21. It’s the same group who said that young people weren’t smart enough or responsible enough to own guns.

See folks, the left has been on this agenda to indoctrinate our children to socialism for quite sometime. Young people love the idea of socialism because their whole life has been surrounded by the perfect utopia of what they believe socialism is like. A nanny state!

Failed Educational System

Bear with me as I explain: children are more susceptible to support socialism due to their experience living with their parents supervision: free food, free healthcare, parents tell them what to do, when to sleep, when to eat, when to take showers, they are accustomed to having zero freedom of speech. They support the idea of authority mingling in every part of their life, no privacy, parents pay the bills, the unpaid chores as part of the agreement… the indoctrination now continues in our schools where the children get to be brain wash as to how ‘great’ socialism works.

With all of the great fantasy movies that children watch, they see people in fairy tale lands where everyone eats, drink and be merry. No one stresses about those pesky bills, taxes, mortgages or government taking away rights. You always have a prince or a king who most of the time is a good guy and provides for the people.

Our failed educational system has already embedded Socialism into their skulls. Now all the Democrat party has to do is give these 16 years old the right to vote for more of that utopia. Why did you think they took away certain life classes from school? Why they don’t teach our rights? Or how to pay bills, manage their check book, start a business? Why they don’t teach the dangers of socialism or communism?

Now why do they want 16 and not 17? Because at 17 that’s when they start asking these questions about their future and questioning authority even their role models. That’s when a 17 year old starts to face the reality that he might need to leave home and go on his own and has one year left to figure out what he/she will do with all of this freedom!
So, it’s obvious to see the agenda being played out and the attack on our children for sometime.

They have taken a page from Hitler himself: ‘He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.’


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