White Lives Do Not Matter? Viral Baltimore Video of Man Being Struck with Brick.

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A hashtag with White Lives Do Not Matter was posted on the original video of a Black man running up behind a White man and clocking him in the head with a brick in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Police Department is actively investigating this incident. Social media is taking down the video on various streams.

“White Lives Do Not Matter”

Back in 2013-2015 it was the “Knockout game” that ran through social media. Then it became the “Punch a Nazi” which was for any White person that someone decided was racist.

Councilman Eric Costello posted:

“The incident in this video occurred on Sunday, August 30, at approximately 6:35pm, at the NW intersection of W Hamburg St and Leadenhall St. The victim is walking on the north side of the 100 block of W Hamburg St, heading westbound (from S Hanover St toward M&T Stadium).

Baltimore Police Department Detectives are actively investigating this incident and seeking any information, especially camera footage, in between the times of 6:00pm and 7:00pm. The most relevant location is the 100 block of W Hamburg St. If you have information or footage of the victim, suspect, those recording the video, or anything else relevant, please forward to Captain Eric Leitch at: Eric.Leitch@BaltimorePolice.org and feel free to copy me at: eric.costello@baltimorecity.gov.

It should go without saying that the complete depravity to human life illustrated in this video is absolutely disgusting and should be investigate and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The video was first posted by @TraySavage, whose account has been suspended by Twitter for violation of the rules.  It has since gone viral. He wrote on the bottom of his post:

“Young man, you got knocked TF out…Bitch you bet not run. Unk tried to kill yo. #explorepage #explore #baltimore #prayforunk #WhiteLivesDoNotMatter #BlackLivesMatter” @TraySavage

When police responded, they found a pool of blood on the sidewalk, but the victim was not located. According to witnesses, the two men had an altercation, and the White guy was walking away when the Black man ran up behind him and hit him in the head with a brick.

“It happened so fast . When I saw him running I thought he was running to talk to the guy.” Unnamed witness to CBS affiliate WJZ.

Featured photo: screenshot from video


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  • Joseph Carlini

    I am a Felon ( non-violent) and this makes my stomach turn. When I was locked up I came to the realization that “real racism” came not from white inmate but more the black ones. I was incarcerated in Baltimore for white collar crimes and met quite a few individuals with the same look on life as this angry kid hitting the white guy in the back of the head. They believe the system is against them and white people are good for three things, to buy their drugs, have sex with “snow bunnies a derogatory name for white woman and to mule their drugs throughout the system. I’m not racist but I call it how I see it and even stated the obvious to them while I was in there. No saying that there aren’t a great vast amount of black people, it’s just inherit to most that what they see in the rap videos becomes their reality. I also believe everyone has the opportunity to change, but you need to put in the work and not have the system do it all for you. If people want lawlessness that’s fine, give them the area that they may do that. Why in this country have we never thought that those with the similar views should all be together and those who do not agree be allowed to live a different life without the feelings of having to look over their back. Segregation is actually necessary. In prison they completely segregate people, why? Because it works to lower the violence. The “ innocent” non- gang members are segregated from the vast amount of gangs that use numbers to influence their agendas. I’ve had enough and want to help those who want to help THEMSELVES! Situations have gotten out of control and it is time for it to END FOR GOOD.

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