Where are the Tree Huggers?

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Where are the tree huggers? Nowhere in history has one administration has been involved so deeply in censoring and downplaying incidents,  as well as being responsible for some of the largest man made disasters ever created. We have at least four major chemical catastrophes under this administration. Can you name them? Do you know what is being done about it and how much of our natural resources and world’s creatures will they destroy over the next 20 years?


I am not a Tree Hugger, but I do love nature and I do believe in balance of our human spirit with nature. At the same time, I believe corporations, and especially our government and the media, have a responsibility to make sure this balance is not wrecked because of man’s greed or incompetence. If the balance is even slightly changed, we need to make sure those responsible are charged and put away.

People walking among us don’t care about any damned thing. Oil leak? What is that? Japan’s Nuclear leak? What is that? Gas Leak? What is that?


The methane gas leak in California – SoCal gas company. The Porter Ranch development and two local schools had to be relocated and thousands put up in hotels far away from their homes. And it won’t be fixed until at least February.


The Animas River after the Gold Mine Spill caused by the EPA. It affected the drinking water in Colorado,Utah, and New Mexico. 

The biggest conspiracy you can clearly see in this current government, is the way that they have downplayed these disasters, charging these billion dollar corporations with minuscule penalties, and not taking responsibility for removal or restitution to the local inhabitants.


Radioactive sea water from the Fukushima disaster– have you heard anything in the news media about it? It has been  severely downplayed by the govt.



Here is is, the information about the nuclear fallout. When have you heard about it in the news? The govt downplayed it.

Raping American soil…and the ranchers on it

Where are the tree huggers, I ask? If the Right Wing was sitting on the throne, there would be millions of hippy tree huggers sleeping in front of the gates of the White House protesting for months… but no, the messiah-in-Chief, along with Harry Reid and the rest of the liberal caucus are partaking in the rape of America’s soil and our ranchers.


The BLM set this fire that destroyed 11 head of cattle and endangered a rancher and his family- yet they prosecuted two ranchers as terrorists for setting a fire that did far less damage and didn’t endanger anyone. No accountability whatsoever.

The money trail

The biggest reason as to why Obama still sits in power is because we as people have not found a common good between us. These crimes that have been committed against the American people – the whole world- if properly investigated, would show the money trail between these big corporations, the media and the elected officials. And that trail would include Hussein Obama and his pet, Hillary.

C’mon Tree Huggers, where are you? Are you too busy looking to support the next black lives matter protest? Have you forgotten about your little furry friends?

It’s time for the Tree Huggers to rise up, investigate these crimes and really get involved in shaping the world and America. Together with PETA and the rest of the loony tune liberal clubs, we could finally do something positive for a change. Can we all FINALLY AGREE ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT? The future of our world depends on our actions…it’s for our children.

Go forward and be “one with the Force.”


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