When Anti-gunners Win Elections: Nikki Fried, Florida Secretary of Agriculture

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The Florida Secretary of Agriculture oversees the issuance of concealed carry permits in the state. Now, Democrat Nikki Fried is allegedly doing some “creative” ways of stopping legal gun owners from having or keeping their permits.

Fried’s office told a man that he had to prove his innocence in order to get his concealed carry permit back. That’s not the way the system is supposed to work.

Luis Valdes at The Truth About Guns wrote:

Florida’s newly-elected Democrat Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Nikki Fried, oversees the issuance of concealed carry permits in the state. During her campaign, she vowed to use her office to crack down on guns in every way possible. I figured that meant that she’d accomplish that through creative interpretation and application of the laws concerning concealed carry in the Sunshine State.

Since taking office, she has added some well-known anti-gun individuals to her staff. Folks like Fred Guttenberg and Mary Barzee Flores.

Now, a fellow Florida gun owner I know (who wishes to remain anonymous) is facing some of the first effects of Fried’s anti-gun jihad. And he isn’t alone.

My friend received a certified letter from the  Commissioner’s office stating that his concealed weapons permit had been indefinitely suspended. The Ag Department claimed this was because he had an injunction (restraining order) filed against him in Nassau County in 2003. The only problem with that is that it never happened.

The man contacted Nassau County, who had no record of any restraining order having ever been filed against him. He obtained a certified copy of a letter from Nassau County showing that no such restraining order or injunction had ever been issued.

But the Agriculture office confiscated his permit and told him they had to “verify it” from Tallahassee and would tell him when he could pick it up. If he should get into a dangerous situation in which he needed his gun to defend himself or others, what then?

Waiting a month or more for a permit that someone has held since 2007 and who passed all the background checks required is egregiously turning a once gun-friendly Florida into a bureaucratic snarl. He even passed the required background checks in 2017 again. Where they got the idea that he had a restraining order filed against him in Nassau County is anyone’s guess. But guess may be their operative word.

When Adam Putnam left the office of Agriculture Secretary, there were 291 out of 1.9 million permits that were supposedly “mistakenly issued” to people that didn’t qualify. The man spoken of above was not one of them. The doesn’t seem to matter to Nikki Fried.

As Luis Valdes stated, “a right delayed is a right denied.”

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  • Christopher Buehner

    The one and only Gun permit we need is THE SECOND AMENDMENT! I wish someone would take these kind of Unconstitutional actions and go all the way to the Supreme Court! I would think that the NRA would do something like that!

  • Wayne Lane

    I agree with Christopher. The 2nd amendment is all we need.

  • Christian

    We need to get this evil woman out

  • Sherry Cook-Lenti

    Indeed a right but what many do not know or even speak of, there are limitations within this right….
    I strongly agree with Mr. Valdez, a Right delayed, is exactly that A right denied….
    I’ve had many of my my rights denied.
    The sad thing is I’d be the one to catch one for someone else’s safety. That’s just that spirit I was born of.
    Even been victim at the hands of a gun or two by criminals. I had no weaponry to scare back. Just a fearless shielded heart of God. But I’m certain I’m not on police payroll, and as I mentioned getting old my luck may run it’s course. Never had I had such the need for a gun. Even as I speak so bold.
    But like I said unfairly I’d been victim to the Narcist whom knows they have betrayed me and hurts me to sieze and hinder, for they always hate the truth speaker. And only look to control. That’s one thing about me I’m certain of…
    Truth is all I’ve ever known …

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