What’s Going On At Area 51?

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Area 51 is the stuff of SciFi, with rumors of alien aircraft hidden away from prying eyes within its buildings. And satellite images show some new additions to the secret government base. So what’s going on? SOFREP and the Aviationist have an idea: maybe they’re preparing for the B-21 Bomber called the Raider. We previously wrote in 2016 about the Air Force revealing the program, but with the upgrades present at Groom Lake in the last year, it’s possible they may be planning to test the new plane soon.

The B21 Raider is supposed to be a “Long Strike Bomber” (LRS-B). At about $500 Million per plane and with a deployment date somewhere in the 2020s, most of the plane’s capabilities are secret.

National Interest noted,

The B-21 design—which is similar to the original high-attitude optimized B-2 design—is built to counter the low frequency radars that can detect and track tactical fighter-sized stealth aircraft. Unlike an F-22 or F-35, which are designed to operate in an environment where the enemy might be aware of their presence, the B-2 and B-21 are designed to avoid detection altogether. Basically, the B-21 (and B-2 to an extent)—with its large flying-wing design—reduces its low frequency radar cross-section to the point where it blends in with the background noise inherent to those UHF/VHF band systems.


A new building with larger doors was built…approximately 275 feet long and 250 feet wide. The B2 bomber only has a wingspan of 172 feet, so this building could accommodate a larger aircraft. The SR72 only has a wingspan of 55 feet, so that’s probably not it. The B21 is said to have a wingspan larger than the B2. Not that was know for sure…it’s still a secret.

screenshot of SOFREP photo

screenshot of The Aviationist photo

According to the Aviationist, “Noted aerospace imaging expert Al Clark told TheAviationist.com,
“In the general Groom Lake image our best reference is one of the F-16s parked on the west side of the base. The F-16 length is approximately 50-feet. Building number one, which is almost directly west of the F-16s is approximately 120’x120’. It looks to be an engine test/run-up hangar. The building that is more interesting is approximately 250-feet wide by a length of 275-feet. This is interesting because the B-2 wingspan is only 172-feet, so this is [possibly] designed to house large aircraft, in my opinion possibly the B-21 Raider. To the southwest of that structure it looks like what could be a weapons storage facility. The smaller bunker is approximately 75-feet long by 30-feet wide, and the larger bunker is approximately 75-feet wide and 100-feet long. Those are fairly large weapons bunkers. The general placement of the munitions depot tells me that there is something pretty volatile in it because they are keeping it away from the main base at Groom Lake.”

Before and after screenshot of the addition of the hangar and a taxi strip. (SofRep)

So whatever is really going on at Area 51 is not likely about aliens. Maybe. Could be they want us to believe one way or the other and it’s something else entirely.


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