What’s behind Hillary’s Smile?

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For centuries, many art lovers and experts have wondered what precisely is behind Mona Lisa’s coquettish smile.  No stranger to the mysterious, it is said that Leonardo da Vinci planned it that way all along, that in some way he ensured his immortality by keeping the world guessing at his intentions.  Much in the same way, Hillary Clinton is running a presidential campaign fueled by her smile, a smirk that is full of contempt for both the system of laws and the electorate in general.

Unfortunately, those who support her campaign are too blind to see what is behind her smile, the nebulous, self-assured motion of facial muscles hiding the truth of a much larger and dark threat.

hillary's smile

Why does Hillary smile?


Recently, Politico ran an article related to Hillary’s avoidance of the media in general.  In the piece, the methodology of Hillary’s campaign strategy is explained; presidents are better seen and not heard.  The problem is that Hillary is not yet president, but she is fully aware of the fact that the mainstream media is treating her as if she already is.

After her brief simulacra of a press conference a week ago, Hillary has gone back to her “listening tour,” while the GOP candidates stumble over each other to get air time with hostile liberal journalists and television reporters.

Could anyone really blame Hillary Clinton?  Wave after wave of controversy is covered by a vast network of activist journalists on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN.  Whether the controversy stems back to Benghazi, to her private e-mail server being deleted or illegal Clinton Foundation contributions from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, Hillary continues to benefit from a media intent on crowning her president.

This is the same mainstream media who decided in 2008 that it was time to elect an African-American president; the same media who shunned Hillary Clinton and now feels the double-weight of guilt.  If we have already elected and re-elected the first African-American president by means of an overwhelming mainstream media bias, why not make it up to Hillary by now putting in place the same “media campaign strategy” they did in 2008-09 and 2012?

Hillary Clinton knows this and deep down inside already believes she is President of the United States of America.  What she is doing now is acting the part that ultimately will be ascribed to her by the casting agents in the media.


Bernie Sanders is a side-show, a made-to-order circus strategically put in place to create the illusion that “someone is taking on Hillary Clinton.”  Just yesterday, “controversy” surfaced about articles Sanders wrote back in 1972.  Why?  Because the media is more interested in what Sanders wrote forty plus years ago, than what Hillary wrote in emails three years ago.  It’s almost as if the mainstream media, so intent on supporting Hillary, has taken the Sanders issue into “how dare he run against the anointed one.”

While the media has questioned Elizabeth Warren about her intent to run, and even Martin O’Malley, the fact that not a single credible candidate is willing to stand up speaks volumes.  What do ALL potential Democratic would-be-candidates know that literally “scares” them into not running?

Frankly, it is difficult to not get conspiratorial about it, but the working of an electoral system at the Federal level having so much corporate influence to leverage the vote one way or the other is enough to put fear in the most faithful supporter of either party.

Elizabeth Warren will not run.  Martin O’Malley does not seem to have the financial means to do so.  Hillary’s campaign has the support of many people in key industries, not the least of which is Google.  By the time the presidential campaign goes into full swing in 2016, a Google search on the tribal fishing methods in the Pango-Pango Islands during the colonization period of the 1800s might just lead to search hits on some “puff” story about how great Hillary is.

With a corporate network supporting her at this level, no other Democratic candidate has a chance… and we think they know that for a fact.


Recently, Yahoo News ran a story about how Hillary Clinton’s campaign website is selling not just buttons and shirts, but a uniquely designed complete line of clothing.  Another mainstream media site had a story about Hillary teaching voters how to take a selfie.  A Yahoo reported also recently declared that if Hillary is not “good” like us, then it’s good that she’s not good.  MSNBC just stated that there are no controversies surrounding Hillary Clinton but that she is rather “Authentic, Relaxed, Engaging and Humorous.”

The mainstream media does cover the Clinton Foundation donation issues as “mistakes made by an accountant,” or “over-zealous GOP candidates trying to tarnish the work of the Clintons,” instead of offering objective coverage.

The decision by ABC News to keep George Stephanopoulos as Senior Political Analyst as an objective arbiter of facts on its main Sunday morning political show depicts a media so out of control regarding its bias in favor of Hillary.

In such cases, the mainstream media continues to count on a complacent public, the greater half of the polarized ratings that turn to them with willful blindness to hear their own liberal ideas parrot back to them.  While it is true that the remaining half of the rating population turns to Fox News for the same, the overwhelming liberal bias as depicted by ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC in general overshadows a single network right-wing bias.

In turn, these are the same networks who, knowing Chris Christie represented a threat to Hillary’s campaign a year ago, went all-out and all-in with Bridge-gate, covering it around the clock, non-stop for the better part of six months.  If a GOP candidate had revelations about foreign governments donating to their private foundations, about official business electronic information being held on a private server, and a host of other controversies, these same networks would no doubt cover the news ad nauseum until the candidate dropped out of the race.

All one has to do is look at how the media covered the Herman Cain allegations of extra-marital affairs (which incidentally forced him out of the race) and how the media covered Bill Clinton’s actions from before, during and after he was president.

What’s Behind Hillary’s Smile?

Hillary Clinton smiles because she can.  To a certain degree, that is what is expected of candidates… to smile until their faces hurt.  The issue with Hillary’s smile is much more complex and nefarious in nature.  She is already the President of the United States of America and she knows it.  Wouldn’t you smile too if you knew your effort to achieve the highest office in the nation had to be minimum because those in charge where it counts have already decided you are “it?”  Ethics be dammned… Hillary plans to smile all the way to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the mainstream media is determined to put her there.


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