What did Facebook do with that Rainbow Profile? Track it!

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Since Friday, 26 million people posted rainbows over their Facebook profile pictures using a free tool provided by the company. But what did Facebook do with the rainbow profiles?

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The Money-making Data machine

Facebook’s CEO does things for one main reason: to make money. The politics, the tracking of Facebook users, the experiments on moods, solidarity, and buying habits make them some serious dough. They even dig into your smartphone for information…yes even the smartphone that you use to talk on Facebook is giving them data.

Let’s look at  Mark Zuckerberg. He is worth $35 Billion. He takes exactly $1. per year in salary. That’s ONE dollar. So how is it that his net worth is $35 Billion? Facebook. The ads sold to companies and the information they sell to companies and governments…all money into their coffers. Face book is free…if you don’t mind the data dump on your behalf.

Was the rainbow profile an experiment?

The rainbow filter grew over what was dubbed “Pride weekend,” and received more than “half a billion likes and comments” from all over the world. The Atlantic recently asked Facebook if they were using the profile as an experiment for their users.  They responded that it wasn’t an experiment. It was likely a profitable piece of information, however.

According to Gizmodo,

“That said, the Facebook spokesperson didn’t deny that the social network was tracking which users support gay marriage and adding that to the database of personal information the company has on its billion users.”

Tracking everything you do

Facebook has used their social experiments to track the behavior of members before. In the case of gay marriage, it appears they may have been checking to see how “solidarity” spread among Facebook users.

It may have a deleterious effect on those who do not believe in gay marriage, and cause them to feel that they in the minority…in so doing silence them.

Will it silence you?

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