WH Social Media Summit Dissolves Into Near Brawl

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Just after President Trump announced an Executive Order requiring a citizenship question on the Census, he invited the Conservative attendees of the WH Social Media Summit to sit in the front row seats at his press conference. Cue the hurt feelings. Or the whining. Brian Karem, a reporter from Playboy, began smarting off before the crowd because of the seating arrangement, and told Dr Sebastian Gorka to “step outside.” Dr Gorka called him a “punk”to his face. Then another person in the crowd yelled, “Just for the record, he’d kick your punk ass.”

Reporter Brian Karem at the WH Presser

Briefly, the crowd began cheering “Gorka, Gorka.” Karem yelled to Dr Gorka to “go home,” and for a brief minute, it seemed as though there would be a giant brawl in the WH Rose Garden. The bets for a winner would have been on Dr Gorka, by the way.

Basically, the dust up turned a White House event into what one Twitter user called a “trailer park.” They’re right. Reporters with their hurt feelings and egos versus right wing Conservatives who have been blocked and kicked to the curb so many times were not the best choices for being in the same place at the same time.

Dr Gorka routinely blocks reporters, whom he calls “asshats.” (Sounds pretty polite to me). And for the most part, particularly the “Fake News” reporters, they are…asshats. Jim Acosta is a prime example. We can officially add Brian Karem to the list.

The WH Social Media Summit discussed the issues of blocking users, taking down platforms and other censorship. The courts have said that President Trump can’t block people on Twitter, and AOC is being sued for blocking Twitter users. Countless Conservatives have been shadow-banned, censored, blocked, taken down and completely destroyed by Big Tech on Social Media, including Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. That was the purpose of the summit- to discuss ways to stop the madness. It seems that some of the ‘madness’ was in the press pool, and everyone on both sides was on edge..

The near brawl at the White House was just one more situation that revealed the divide between left and right may be insurmountable short of drastic action. That ‘drastic action’ is something no one really wants to see.

Featured photo: screenshot of confrontation between Brian Karem and Dr Gorka via Jim Hanson video.

  • Jan Blanch

    Those liberals are not American, they let the illegal aliens take over the country, let me get this shit straight if us citizen need a passport to go in and out the country why the illegal aliens don.t, so people don,t need a visa and passport anymore to come into this country,so its ok for russia to send 200.000 men to the us with no papers,

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