WH Press Corps Temp Checked, Trump Takes Test, Libs Hoping He Dies

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With the WH Press Corps so close to the President, the WH medical staff is now checking their temperatures as of Saturday morning – and turning away people who have one higher than the CDC guidelines. The President, whose physician previously said didn’t need to be tested, has tested for the Coronavirus and is awaiting results. It’s all a good thing, since some liberals are wanting to kill the President by the use of the coronavirus.

UPDATE: The White House Medical team has announced that the President has tested negative for COVID-19.

WH Press Corps to be temperature checked starting Saturday

One of the WH Press Corps was found to have a temperature higher than CDC guidelines, so he was turned away. His name was not released. The temperature check at the briefings is a new precaution.

President tested

In Friday’s press conference on the virus,  numerous people asked the President why he hasn’t been tested, since two people in the Brazilian entourage that visited Mar-a-Lago recently tested positive.  He shook hands and had a photo taken with them. So the President had the test taken on Friday evening. He is awaiting results. He had his temperature taken just before today’s briefing and said “it was fine.”

“I also took the test. I decided I should based on the press conference yesterday. People were asking that I take the test.” President Trump

Vice President Pence and his wife Karen say they will now be tested, since the President has done so.

Liberal hate

According to Law and Crime, someone created a PAC (Political Action Committee) designed to pay someone to kill Trump with the coronavirus.

“A political action committee (PAC) was created on Thursday with the express purpose of infecting President Donald Trump with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The group is named “10 Stacks to the person who infects Donald douchebag Trump with Coronavirus/Covid-19,” and the official paperwork was filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) establishing the organization as an entity legally entitled to raise and spend money in federal elections.”

Then you have the CEO of Google-funded firm TechFreedom  wishing the President would die, according to Breitbart. Oh yeah, he deleted his tweet, but the ‘internet is forever.’

Due to backlash, he “apologized” and stepped down from his position with the company. Not that we believe his apology, since he’s been tweeting hate for Trump all along. From celebrities hoping Trump gets Coronavirus to other liberals with the same hatefest, there are good reasons to begin screening the WH Press Corps and others.

Featured photo: Screenshot of President Trump and the coronavirus team via Fox


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  • Norma J. Grooms

    I have my beliefs why this Virus is what is! This turned out to be a quick start & moved fast as lightening! My opinion is that of Our Lord is acting on this because HE is fed up with this wild insensitive world! Just analyze how this world is living in such an UNGODLY way of LIFE!! WITH SO MUCH HATE, CRIME, FAMILY BREAKUPS, & ALL THE EVIL THAT GOD DOES NOT ACCEPT!! Nobody thinks of that!!! He is up there looking down & DOES NOT LIKE WHAT HE SEES!! SO HE IS DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! REALLY SEPERATING THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE IN THIS WORLD AT A FAST PACE! Ihas gotten out of hand with the hate, of murder even of children & babies! People wanting to murder our President because of HATE!! People on the streets & mind you people in Church’s!!! They don’t care about anyone except themselves!! Our GOD ALMIGHTY DOES NOT APPROVE OF THIS; WITH HIS MAKINGS!!! OUR SYSTEMS ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING TO ENCOUNTER THIS BEHAVEYORE! So are we going to keep this up everywhere? All in revenge? Well, since nothing is getting better but worse; I believe the Lord God has stepped in & put everyone in ALERT!!! JUST THINK ABOUT IT!! THE DEVIL IS GETTING HIS WAY BEYOND HIS BOUNDS!! THANK GOD SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE IN OUR WORLD!! I CANNOT DO IT ALONE!! I have to suffer also!!

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