#WESTAND -Center-Right Students Caught in the Middle of Controversy

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We received an anonymous email yesterday that personified exactly what climate the so-called “protests” have nurtured. This is what high school students and others are facing around the nation. Many of our Instagram followers have voiced these exact sentiments. They are trapped in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation and forced to either capitulate their beliefs, or be thrown into the center of controversy. It’s why we say #WESTAND.

Here is the email:

This began three days ago, Monday

Starting from the Beginning, on Monday we debated whether or not it was right to kneel during the national anthem. My opinion on the issue is that the anthem is similar to a moment of silence. A moment in which we nod our heads in recognizing what the US has done for us so far. We agreed that the country had issues, but the disagreement was over the anthem protests. 
Later that day a note was found in [a black girl’s] her locker saying “Get out of this town N*****” 
Now I didn’t find out until Wednesday when I saw a — news —truck outside of my HS, coming back inside after football practice. I asked around in the locker room and found out about what had occurred.
At that point I wasn’t worried, I didn’t do it so why worry right?
Later I saw the news story, in which they blamed it on the class discussion the day of, about the flag, anthem, protests, etc. 
I was worried as hell then.
And I was right to be worried.
As the story dropped I started getting messages, snapchats mostly “Did you do it?”, “Hey did you hear about what happened? Was it you?”  Concerned the Deans and school admins would take the same stance I went first thing to my Dean, and offered my cooperation in the investigation, and giving whatever info I thought they needed.
After spending third period in the Dean’s office I thought it was over. It wasn’t. I started hearing rumors, all the kids known to be center, or center-right politically were getting called down. Soon enough I was called down again, 8th period. This time the Dean and the Assistant principal were there. I got grilled, just because I was known to be in the center politically, and that I had disagreed with this black girl’s opinions in a civil, calm, class discussion. 
As for the football game tomorrow, Coach has given permission for players to kneel during the anthem. This has done nothing but divide the team down racial and political seams. 
So once again I’m caught in the crossfire. If I stand, I’m racist and I did write the note. If I kneel I’ve changed my opinions to avoid suspicion and that makes me most certainly guilty, right? Not to mention the total betrayal of my beliefs. And if I call in sick and don’t go I’m hiding because of fear and guilt.
What. Can. I. Do.
Trapped American Teen
Update: This issue has split the team down a racial divide. Most all the white guys are standing, and all the black kids are kneeling. Some are kneeling during the coin toss, standing during the anthem.
We don’t know what this young man did at the game. But we do see that this whole “protest” gig is dividing more than uniting. The false accusations of “racism” have run rampant.  There is strength in standing for what you believe in. #WESTAND
Featured photo- screenshot file photonot related to this email– of Grossmont JROTC presenting colors at a high school football game.

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