West Virginia – Brother Rescues Older Sibling During Home Invasion. Yes, with a Gun

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Logan County, West Virginia – On Saturday,  a West Virginia resident came home to find three unwanted men in his house. They reportedly charged at Jonathan Jones, knocked him down, kicked him, and smashed a gun into his head, knocking him out. Adam Jones, the younger brother, came to the rescue, ran downstairs with a gun and opened fire.

“I couldn’t yell, I couldn’t get my hands on anything. Yeah, I pretty much thought I was dead.” Jonathan Jones

Never fear, his brother Adam came to the rescue, and ran downstairs with his own gun, a .22 rifle, and “just opened fire.” He shot over the head of one man, and shot two of the others. All three fled the home.

“There’s a chance they could have killed both of us.” Adam Jones

He’s right about that.

Hakeem Chavez Norman,22, Cody Allen Tomblin, 18, and Kareem Gustavus Wyche, 18, were all charged in connection with the home invasion/burglary. Tomblin and Norman were treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the local hospital, then released to the Southwestern Regional Jail on felony counts.

WSAZ reported that all were charged with nighttime burglary, unlawful assault and conspiracy. Norman was also charged with malicious wounding. They are being held on a 100,000 cash only bond.

Police stated the homeowner will not be charged with any crime, since it was a clear self defense situation.

West Virginia is a castle doctrine state,  and has a “stand your ground law.” In other words homeowners do not have to retreat in the face of someone who has attacked them. It specifies that deadly force can be used if they are in fear of being killed or if serious bodily harm may result from the attack. It can also be used to prevent a felony. For Jonathan Jones, that fear was real.

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