Wells Fargo Stands Up to Leftists – Not a Bank’s Job to Set Gun Policy

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According to a report in Breitbart, Wells Fargo has said no to the leftist push from the America Federation of Teachers union that was demanding WF to dump the NRA. They also refused to follow the Bank of America and Citigroup into dropping or placing severe restrictions on gun manufacturers. Visa also declined to be pressured into dropping semi-automatic gun manufacturers back on March 9. Why? Because ” it’s not bank’s job to set gun policy.”

The Chief Financial Officer of Wells Fargo, John Shrewsbury stated,

“The best way to make progress on these issues is through the political and legislative process. In the meantime, Wells Fargo is engaging our customers that legally manufacture firearms and other stakeholders on what we can do together to promote better gun safety in our communities.”

Which is a dialogue that could be annoying for gun manufacturers, but they are at least not placing inordinate restrictions on what their clients can or can’t do. As long as the actions of any gun manufacturer are legal, banks should not be trying to make policies that are under the purview of the legislature, whether Federal or State. That creates a free-for-all mess.

Visa also refused to cut ties with semi-automatic gun manufacturers, making a similar statement, according to Breitbart: “We do not believe Visa should be in the position of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services.”

But leftist anti-gunners want control – to push their agenda and literally force corporations to do their bidding. It is refreshing to see at least two of those corporations are not budging¬† so far. That doesn’t preclude them from being forced in the future, but at least for now, they are standing firm in the legal process.

Congress and state legislatures are charged with making laws. Leftists trying to make laws by intimidating and extorting corporations are akin to terrorists.




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  • Tony

    Well now I know where to do my banking.

  • Warren

    It’s business suicide to mix your politics with your business. No matter what side of the aisle you hang with, you’re going to piss off roughly half of your potential customers.
    Keep it under your hat. In the end, It’s one man, one vote.

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