Well-Armed Army Veteran Stationed Outside Fort Wayne School

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Oathkeeper Mark Cowan, an Army veteran, stationed himself outside North Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Friday until the school steps up with additional security measures. He was well armed with both an AR and a handgun. But the school isn’t particularly happy about it.

WANE reported,

“He found a spot off of school grounds, but close enough to keep an eye on people going in and out of the high school. Armed with a handgun and AR-15, Cowan told NewsChannel 15 he is there to protect the students and ward off anyone who is a threat to their safety.

He has been in contact with police in the neighborhood and the school’s resource officer.

Cowan planned to keep watch until additional safety measures are put in place.”

Oathkeepers always touch base with local law enforcement in all of their operations.  But the school doesn’t think Mark Cowan’s presence will increase safety.

The school released a statement:

“We take the security of our schools very seriously. We understand he has a right to be out there, but we do not believe it adds to the safety of our students. At North Side, as at all of our schools, we have security procedures in place. In addition, at North Side, we have armed police officers in the building every day.”

Let’s ask the person who wrote that statement how many armed police officers are in their building every day? One? Two? What if they are on the other side of the campus? What if they fail to respond at all when something happens? What if they are home with the flu?  One armed School Resource Officer may not be enough in this day and age, as we saw in Broward County.

Children’s lives are at stake, and the gun free zone is the target sign painted on their backs.

The Oathkeepers also watched over the Glennbrook Commons Recruiting center for about a year until they instituted security procedures to protect military recruiters, according to WANE.

Arming specific teachers/staff or hiring US military veterans is one solution the Fort Wayne school appears to be against. The liberal view is always the default position for schools who refuse to increase the security for their students.


Featured photo: screenshot of Mark Cowan outside the North Side High School

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