Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise” Has Hillary Blaming Others

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Anthony Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise” has presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pointing the finger at everyone but herself. The cocktober surprise we’re referring to is the revelation that thousands of emails related to Hillary and her assistant, Huma Abedin, have been found on a laptop shared by Huma and her estranged, pervert husband, Mr. Weiner.

The FBI has now re-opened their investigation into shady Hillary’s email fiasco. Mrs. Clinton probably thought she had escaped any kind of “surprise” this month since it’s basically over but, after being screwed by her husband’s johnson in the 1990’s, now she finds herself once again getting screwed by another Weiner.

Who’s fault is it?

And, of course, none of this is any of Hillary’s fault. All she did was innocently have a private server installed at her home as a way of hiding her dirty secrets about the Clinton Foundation from State Department prying eyes. She also risked national security secrets falling into hacking hands but, no big deal, right?


Here is a sampling of other parties that Hillary thinks are responsible for her new found troubles:

FBI Director James Comey, Russians, WikiLeaks, Republicans, right-wing conspiracy folks, Donald Trump, Fox News Channel, and Anthony Weiner.

If Weiner had been able to control his libido, Hillary wouldn’t be getting the shaft. But when you lay down with dogs, you have to expect to get fleas. Hillary doesn’t keep the best company.

Wikileaks has also shown the world just how shallow, conniving, and idiotic her team really is. They privately trash talk groups they pander to for votes.

Isn’t she the worst? 

Let’s face it – Hillary Clinton is the worst possible candidate for the presidency, her judgment stinks, and she has no moral compass. Anybody voting for her after all we now know about her, and what we’re going to be finding out about her, should be diagnosed with having a mental disorder.

Weiner’s Cocktober surprise couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Remember, Hillary, none of this would have happened if you weren’t such a dick all the time.


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