Weekend Brief: ‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner proves he’s a fool; Butterflies vs. Trump’s wall; Nebraska has a navy?

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You can’t even let a weekend go by without seeing some madness from the left.  Even with the Winter Olympics underway, the news continues to pour in and we continue to be amazed by the craziness that comes from the party that gave us Hillary Clinton…

Rob Reiner‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner at AAFCA Awards: Trump presidency ‘last battle of the Civil War’ — You may recall the character “Meathead” from “All in the Family.” Turns out that Rob Reiner, the left-wing actor who portrayed the 1970s hippy, really is something of a meathead, and actually thinks the Civil War is still raging.  Worse yet, he thinks the Trump presidency is the last battle of that war.  More here, including video of his fact-free claim.

Liberals whine: Endangered butterfly can’t fly over Trump’s wall — Liberals are so desperate to see Americans put in danger from criminal illegals they’re now claiming that an endangered butterfly can’t fly over the barrier proposed for the southern border.  So they’re suing in court to stop it.  Seems one species of butterfly can only fly 15 feet off the ground…

Nebraska governor busts ‘Admirals’ for harassing conservative students — Who knew Nebraska has a “navy?”  It’s not for real, but it does have “admirals” and it seems a couple of them got in hot water for harassing conservative students.  T.K. Whiteman has all the details here.

CIAReport: CIA gave $100K to shadowy Russian offering dirt on Trump, including sex tape — Well, looky here…  Turns out there was even more collusion between a federal agency and the Russians.  A shadowy Russian offered to provide video of President Trump with two prostitutes along with stolen hacking tools…  And the $100K was just a down payment…  More here.

Politico trashes Otto Warmbier’s father for ‘criticizing North Korea’s Olympic spirit’ — It seems that Politico is upset that Fred Warmbier is critical of North Korea.  After all, the Norks only killed his son…  Naturally, Twitter responded.  More here.

Trump about to gut the bloated federal bureaucracy — It’s been a long time coming, but it looks as though the Trump administration is about to trim some of the fat from the bloated federal bureaucracy.  T.K. Whiteman has the details here.

And that will wrap up our first Weekend Brief.  In the meantime, have a safe weekend and we’ll be back on Monday!

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