Weapons Missing from Army Reserve Armory in Massachusetts

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Suspects entered the Lincoln W. Stoddard Army Reserve Armory in Worcester, MA on Saturday night and stole numerous weapons from the facility.

 weapons missing

 Authorities say not terrorism

Authorities stress that this incident has “nothing whatever” to do with terrorism (not that they know anything about it this early in the investigation. And they always say that.).

“Nothing at this point in time would tie this to any specific threat or anything else at this point.” Special Agent Hank Shaw, Boston FBI

The suspects reportedly entered through the roof of the armory.

Authorities have not publicly released a list, but police sources told the Daily Beast that 6- M4 rifles, 10 pistols, and several long guns were stolen. The facility houses rocket launchers, machine guns, and other weaponry as well.

Concerned residents

The Armory alarm did not go off when the burglary occurred- which likely means it was disabled by the perpetrators. Thefts from Military armories are relatively common, and may or may not be linked to terrorist activity. If there was any kind of construction at this facility, it may have left the guns vulnerable as well.

In October, Tarek Mehanna, a teacher at the Alhuda Academy in Boston, was arrested by the FBI for allegedly plotting to kill soldiers and civilians at malls because they are “unbelievers.” Worcester is just 40 miles west of Boston. Which may be why some residents are concerned about this theft.

Federal, state, local authorities notified

Law Enforcement has entered them into NCIC- the National Crime Information Center. There is a file in the computer system specifically for weapons, in particular guns. Entry into that computer file allows law enforcement agencies across the country access to information regarding the weapons. It also allows notification via computer of incidents such as the break in at the Armory, putting them on alert.

(Duh, it was a military facility, of course they were military grade)

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