Weapons of Mass Distraction – UK Using Hindi Music to Harrass ISIS

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Weapons of Mass Distraction – UK Using Hindi Music to Harrass ISIS

Reports have surfaced that British Special Forces are using “Bollywood” music to put ISIS off balance in Libya. The music is also helping the forces locate ISIS fighters. Since Shariah has been instituted in their territory, anything else is banned. The music, then is seen as an insult to their control.


British SAS troops in Libya – file photo

RT reported,

It has also been suggested the practice will make IS look like it is powerless in its own territory – in which such frivolity is banned.

In one incident, two cars drove close to IS-held territory at dawn while blaring out Indian hits at full volume to disrupt the jihadists.

By blasting the upbeat tunes into the radio channels used by militants the military also hopes to locate them when the fighters complain on air.

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Music in Warfare

Music has been used as both a communication  tool and a psychological one since time began. From marching into war with the sounds of drums, bagpipes, and horns, to the use of trumpets as signals to the troops –a piercing sound above the noise of battle.

In 1989 when the US went into Panama to get Noriega, they blared out “Guns and Roses” and Elvia Presley hits. And if you’re a fan of Francis Ford Coppola films, “Apocalypse Now” comes to mind from the Vietnam War era.

In 2014, Ukrainian Forces attempted to annoy Russians by blasting songs by Cher through loudspeakers. Then there’s Psyops, where music is used to manipulate the people emotionally, such as create nostaglia.

Of course, Bollywood music is quite different. It’s Hindi music that is unfamiliar to Western ears, let alone strict Islamic ones. And it’s full of racy moves.

Bollywood is full of Belly dancers, racy movements, all sorts of things that Shariah frowns upon.

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