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Have you begun to boycott all NFL and ESPN games? As many of you may know I survived 13 years of communism, and yes I mean I survived to every extent of the word. Living under Communism can’t even be described in words. The constant feeling your parents could be taken from you or killed is traumatic to any child specially when you hear and see with your own eyes other children’s parents being taken for questioning and beaten in front of you.

I believe in Freedom of Speech to my very bones, but I also believe Communism is a great evil that has been present in America. Yes, Communism has been able to expand their tentacles in the shadow of our nation because of the naivete of our society. They have taken leadership roles in our congress, some became governors, some mayors, journalists, media, some school teachers, or professors and in small steps they have poisoned us with the cancerous socialist ideology that communism/socialism is better than capitalism. They have told our children that our American way of life, the symbols that make our country great, are racist and evil.

NFL ‘protests’ are a symptom of the disease

Let’s stop being naïve and take a closer look at the media propaganda and our enemy’s actions. First, let’s begin with the kneeling protest that started with Colin Kaepernick. First it was him sitting, then he went to kneeling, and his reasons were to ‘bring awareness to police brutality’ in support for Black Lives Matter -a domestic terrorist, Communist organization who has ties to the Black Panthers as well as ANTIFA , funded by the same evil monster George Soros.

The media portrays Colin Kaepernick as a ‘revolutionary hero’ who is expressing his freedom of speech. With this Media frenzy, Liberal coaches and teachers across America who support this Communist ideology have taken upon themselves to increase the indoctrination of our children. Now they give them options to sit instead of stand for the National Anthem and or giving respect to our flag, and kneeling in High School Stadiums across America.

This attack on our American values did not begin under Trump’s administration as we all know it, it’s been a slow process but it was empowered under the Obama tyranny. But the Kaepernicks of the world have gotten something completely wrong. Kneeling is not protesting, kneeling is an act of submission. We kneel to God, we kneel to ask forgiveness, we kneel to ask for someone’s hand in marriage, etc. America doesn’t kneel, America will never kneel to anyone. Obama knelt and bowed to the world, and the world spit on us.

Donald Trump stands tall, unafraid of anyone and the world respects us for it. If they want to protest against the National Anthem or the Police, they should use a different venue to do it. Now, this protest has taken away the most American sport in our Country, one that once united us – no black , no white, no brown, no yellow, just Americans coming together to enjoy America’s favorite past time, American Football. They have ruined it.

Why is it that liberalism, communism, socialism, all of these evils always destroy what is good in a country first before placing their tyrannical regime? For one to destroy a country from within, you must destroy the symbols that make them great. That is their plan after all. So what we can do about it? What I am about to tell you will go against everything you believe to be righteous but if you humor me for just one second and think about these points you might find that they aren’t as far fetch as you may have made to believe. Freedom of speech doesn’t protect those who want to destroy our way of life. Americans need to fear this type of evil dissent in our society.

That fact we cannot forgive.  We all should remember that every country in the world who at one time or another was like us, had freedoms for people to express themselves, gun rights, flourishing capitalism, etc. All of these countries have fallen to Communist ideals, or are being destroyed from within because of it. People in these countries probably thought the same way you did, “It’s their freedom of speech.” But what if that “freedom of speech” is attacking your “freedom of speech” or attacking our most valuable document, the Constitution?

As a Marine Veteran I am reminded every day of my Oath, and my Oath states clearly, “To defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic.” I don’t remember anywhere in our history where we as Americans have stood together to defend our most precious treasure against domestic enemies, until now.

Please do not be childlike – you can’t support freedom of speech for our enemies while our own freedom of speech is destroyed by political correctness. Look around you. Look at what we can’t say to anyone because it might ‘offend’ them. Yet, liberals have no problem offending America, the Symbols that make our Country great. They have no problem showing how much they hate our country and want to change it to a dark world where only death and misery succeed.

How many more millions of people have to die at the hands of Communism? How many more countries must lose their rights because the society was too comfortable in believing “Not us”, “Never us”, “We will never fall to communism”, “We will never turn in our guns”, and 100 Million innocent people dead later we still believe we can coexist with people who want to eventually kill us to support their ideology.

I will never support the disrespect of our nation, our flag, and or our National Anthem. Our Veterans have been disrespected too long and have sacrificed too much to stand idle. So We Stand together with all of our Fellow Americans in Boycotting the NFL. We are the silent majority, we don’t need to riot, or loot, or act like baboons, we plainly won’t support any of the companies who sponsor the NFL games or the NFL this season starting Veterans Day Weekend.

Why is this boycott so important? For some time we all have seen the over-privileged sports players use the sports venue as a political arena to express their ignorance, instead of doing what they set out to do which is to play a sports we pay them for. We buy their jerseys, their gimmicks, hats, shirts, towels, it’s a billion dollar industry. All paid by you and me, the tax payers, the hard working people of America who appreciate a good game away from all the political drama of CNN and all other Fake News.

It’s Capitalism and the American pastime of Football that gives them their over- privileged lives, it’s the police department that secures their venues, and patrols their 33 million dollar homes in their private gated multimillion dollar communities, it’s the American tax payers who pay taxes for them to receive subsidies and create multimillion dollar Stadiums. So, when all the love for the sport is taken away, when every fan has been pushed past the point of no return, what will happen to these privileged, overpaid entertainers?

These Kaepernicks of the world remind me of a bratty child that has been constantly spoiled with everything they have ever wanted, and one day they start to disrespect the hand that feeds them. By boycotting these scumbags we teach them one big lesson: they don’t hold any power over us, it’s us who hold the power.  We must show them that when it comes down to choosing between them and our National Anthem or the American Flag, we will always choose AMERICA FIRST! This is how we take our Country Back! WE THE PEOPLE STAND!!

Yours Truly,

Rick Ferran AKA Tank


Featured photo: screenshot via ABC news

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