We Must Stand Together or Is It Too Late?

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Rioters torched a Post Office in Minneapolis on Friday, along with a jail in Portland, Oregon and the Police Precinct in Minneapolis and a host of other businesses. We must stand togther and not allow this to divide us further. Is this yet another attempt to destroy our country? All of the protesters were not violent. Some of them even shielded a policeman from harm. All of the protesters didn’t torch buildings. We are systematically being pushed toward civil war. Are these “organic protests” that torch America and her businesses? Doubtful.

Sometimes people fall into it naturally, like Derek Chauvin, who shouldn’t have been an officer in the first place. But hating ALL police for the actions of a few is stupid. We must ALL learn to stand together or the division we’re seeing now will get worse. And like the fires and riots that raged across the United States last night, that hate will destroy all that is good about our country.

We pay taxes to live in a civil society. But it is rapidly becoming no longer civil. The Post Office that burned down could have had stimulus money in it. Rioters could have torched their own prepaid debit cards. But in the heat of the riot, would they even care?

“The IRS mailed about four million prepaid debit cards, known as Economic Impact Payment or EIP cards, to people who did not provide electronic deposit information to the IRS.” KHON

Was this protest a setup in Dallas?

“Due to the fact that there is no construction in the area and none of the surrounding area built with bricks of that type, the duo of masked sleuths seems to be right. This can only mean one thing–the package of bricks was placed.” Intellihub

Destruction of black businesses, not just white. It’s an agenda, and it determines to divide and destroy regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. It’s about division and destruction, and had little to do with George Floyd. We must stand together now more than ever. We’ve just been through a pandemic – justified or not – that has contributed to the division.

George Floyd

George Floyd did not forge a “check.” According to the original call, he allegedly ‘attempted to pass a counterfeit $20.’  A legitimate arrest that went south almost immediately as he refused to get in the patrol car.

According to the coroner’s report, he didn’t die solely of asphyxiation from the officer’s knee, although that did complicate matters. Floyd had coronary artery and hypertensive heart disease. The criminal complaint against Derek Chauvin charged him with Third Degree Murder and Second Degree Manslaughter. It said, “the combined effects of Mr. Floyd being restrained by the police, his underlying health conditions and any potential intoxicants in his system likely contributed to his death.” (NBC) More charges may be on the horizon for the other officers present. Keep in mind that “charges” are not convictions.

Destruction and Division- is it too late to stand together?

Protests are one thing, but violence erupted all across America from Minneapolis to Atlanta, Dallas, Portland, Oakland, Columbus, DC, New York, Orlando, Los Angeles and numerous other cities. The White House had to be briefly put on lockdown by the Secret Service yesterday because of the violence. The National Guard was called up in cities across the country to help restrain the anarchy.

In Oakland, a Federal Protective Service officer was killed and another wounded when a car drove by the Federal Building and a suspect opened fire. Various buildings were spray-painted with “Kill Cops” and windows broken (Fox).

In Atlanta, buildings were trashed.

A Fox News reporter was chased by a violent mob in Washington DC yesterday as they attempted to cover the White House lockdown.

The protesters managed to breach the US Treasury Department annex in DC. All their spray paint on a historic building that was overseen by a black man: Frederick Douglass.


President Trump is blaming Antifa, Minneapolis officials are blaming “white supremacists” and “cartels.”

Do you see it yet? The agenda? These violent acts have nothing whatever to do with Mr. Floyd’s death. The peaceful protesters have a good reason – the death of George Floyd.  Those who perpetrate violence and anarchy are unreasoning shills for another agenda: the destruction of America. We must stand together in spite of our prejudices in spite of what we feel, or there will be no America left.

“We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin

Featured photo @natecurtisnc “Protestors shielding an officer who was separated from the rest of the unit. This type of human solidarity needs to recieve more attention.”


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