Wauwatosa Erupted – Black Officer Not Charged For Shooting Black Teen

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Wisconsin: Wauwatosa erupted last night after the Prosecuting Attorney declined to charge Joseph Mensah, a Black police officer who shot teenager Alvin Cole back in February.  Immediately after the ruling was released a caravan of peaceful protesters drove through the city. That didn’t last long. As the night wore on, the”peaceful protests” turned violent, and riots with looting broke out, even in a residential neighborhood.

“Mr. Cole went to Mayfair Mall armed with a 9mm. He had a confrontation with a patron. While he was running from them, he discharged the firearm, and from that point on, he was ordered to surrender the firearm and never did so.” District Attorney John Chisholm

Do facts matter to Black Lives Matter? No.

A Speedway station was looted.

While awaiting the decision of the Prosecutor, Officer Mensah was suspended from the Wauwatosa police department, and he and his girlfriend were attacked and vilified by the press. The officer was involved in three fatal shootings, two of which had previously been ruled justified. This decision makes three.

The Governor activated the National Guard and readied other assisting agencies ahead of the DA decision to help the Wauwatosa police handle the rioting.

At around 6:50 p.m. last night the Wauwatosa Police, along with the National Guard, “established a protective perimeter” around the  City Hall as Wauwatosa erupted in rioting.  The crowd threw large rocks at police, and store front windows, as well as some homes in the area. Police advised the residents to stay in their homes and away from the windows as the crowd moved through their neighborhood. (Townhall)

Why should residents have to do that? They shouldn’t. It’s one thing to have “free speech” and”peaceful assembly,” it’s quite another to have to worry about violent rioters out to destroy property every time anyone shoots a criminal.

The city of Wauwatosa erupted last night, and this morning the city is asking business and property owners to send them reports on the damages.

Screenshot via Julio Rosas – Property owners cleaning up and preparing for more rioting

Featured photo: screenshot of rioter throwing rock into business window via Julio Rosas, Townhall Reporter.


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  • Joh sut

    This type of behavior is not going to stop untill police are—allowed to put the riots down.

    This is all the fault of my president along with all the bad in this country

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