Watching global jihadists combine? (video)

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Experts are beginning to weigh in on the situation in Yemen and around the world – and it isn’t looking good.  Yemen is dividing the Arab world in historic ways. Saudi Arabia’s  coalition has waded into the middle of the Yemeni conflict by starting airstrikes on Houthi positions- and according to the Independent UK, the potential is deadly for the Middle East. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram are beginning to train together in Mauritania.

global jihadists

As the Arab world fractures, and global jihadists spread, what will happen next?


Shia vs Sunni in a battle for dominance?

According to the Independent UK, about half of the Saudi army is Yemeni in origin. Allowing an Iranian-backed regime on their border is not something they want to happen. Since Obama has not bothered to do anything, the Saudis have ramped up their own efforts with “Operation Storm of Resolve.” Egypt has also sent warships to protect the Gulf of Aden.

The Independent wrote:

To the north, the Shia Muslim Iranian Revolutionary Guards are assisting the Shia-dominated Iraqi government in their battle against Sunni Muslim Isis. To the north-west, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are assisting the government of Alawite (for which read, Shia) president Bashar al-Assad against Isis and al-Nusrah and whatever is left of the so-called “Free Syrian Army”. The Shia Hezbollah from Lebanon are fighting alongside Assad’s army.  So are Shia Muslims from Afghanistan, wearing Syrian uniforms. Saudi Arabia claims the Iranians are in Yemen with the Houthis. Unlikely. But be sure their weapons are in Yemen.

Unprecedented in modern Arab history, a Sunni Muslim coalition of 10 nations – including non-Arab Pakistan – has attacked another Arab nation. The Sunnis and the Shia of the Middle East are now at war with each other in Iraq, in Syria and Yemen. Pakistan is a nuclear power. The armies of Bahrain and the Gulf states include Pakistani soldiers. Pakistanis were among the dead in the first great battle against Iraqi troops in the 1991 Gulf War.

The Mauritania factor

“ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Qaeda all have links to two camps in the remote sands of the expansive North African country…The situation in Mauritania is a powder keg very few are talking about.” Veryan Khan, Terrorism Research and Analysis consortium

The jihadist training at two camps in Mauritania has analysts concerned. Fox news recently reported,

“At least 80 trainees, recruits from the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe, including France, are known to be training at the camps, according to a TRAC source who visited the camp and obtained documentation. Most of Mauritania’s population of roughly 3 million is concentrated on the coast, around the capital of Nouakchott, while the rest of the country, which is the size of Texas and New Mexico, is arid desert and sparsely inhabited. The camps are far from the population centers.”

So you have Sunni Muslims from Saudi Arabia attacking Shi’ite Muslims with Iranian backing, and the radical Sunni Muslims beginning to train together.

Where will this lead? Will the US ever get a strategy of strength? What should America do? Listen to Colonel Allen West in the video below:


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